The Crap We Missed – Monday 1.14.13

“I was a neurosurgeon in Bosnia,” the man in between them mournfully thought, deciding right then that tonight would be the night that a single bullet would grant sweet release from this twisted joke called life.

Welcome to Monday’s The Crap We Missed where you’ll find the last scraps left on the floor by this weekend’s full schedule of events. Having covered the bustiest most notable talents of our day already, what’s left for this post is the famewhores and the awkward moments. Take George Clooney, for example. You know that feeling, when you bump into a chick you banged a while back and can’t remember her name? Just happened there. Ditto goes for this fine gentleman with Tara Reid except ‘a while back’ was 5 mins ago in the bushes behind them. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t include at least one shot of Bond on the red carpet, as well as the dude who plays him in the gay porn parodies.

Speaking of gay porn, is it me, or is John Travolta’s fake hair even starting to recede?

- Photo Boy

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Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN