1. She’s got that winning persona of skanky combined with the sure knowledge that yes, you could get her.

  2. Cinderella

    If you’re not an a or maybe b cup you really should think about putting on a bra.

  3. It had to be said

    I dunno. No make up. No bra. Wearing a slip instead of a dress. Maybe it’s just a bag lady.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    And the forecast is too hot for clothes with a chance of showers.

  5. Ran out in a slip? OK? Fine. But put some fucking makeup on hag… DAMN!

    • Dan

      I wouldn’t call her a hag.

      I bet she is absolutely crazy (in a good way) in bed.

      I also venture to guess she is above the crazy/hot ratio line… so you would not want to tell her your last name. Or any other identifying information.

    • Cannot deny she probably is a very dangerous but enjoyable fuck…

  6. Drundel

    One of the cruel mystery’s of the universe, why give nice real tits to a face like that?

  7. UnholyKrep

    “What? I can’t hear you….hold on, let me turn this thing up…”

  8. MrsWrong

    She must have not have a booty… for not a single fuck was given that afternoon regarding her ass

  9. Janice

    “I swear my tit was right here yesterday…”

  10. “Tune in Tokyo!”

  11. Jovy

    Mr. Nguyen is not amused.

  12. Great White Pygmy

    “Well, It kind of feels like a beanbag but all the beans have gone hard.”

  13. Jess

    This is a man right? I mean, we’re not really saying anything because it’s already established “she’s” a man. Right?

  14. tlmck

    On the phone with her pimp.

  15. HumpinFrog

    I think the Asian guy wants to check her ass out for problem areas. You know, her danger from potential foreign objects and such.

  16. whiskeyafternoon

    breast cancer checkups are crucial for every streetwalker over the age of skank.

  17. Poor Paz, her life is so hectic, she has to have her phone sex on the run.

  18. holymoly

    somehow, paz has managed to match her oily skin with a dress comprised of 98% oil.

  19. cc

    Can you come pick me up? I slept with some guy from the party but lost my snatch, er, my clutch with my keys and money.

  20. Dr Ha-Ha

    I don’t know where I’d put the paper bag first – over her head? or over her lower right leg?

  21. eab74

    Here’s a hint.. If you have to hold it up yourself, you definitely need a new bra.. just saying

  22. Steelerchick

    Juliette Lewis let herself go.

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