1. That doll has a better chance of getting a job on Two and a Half Men than Charlie does.

  2. So how does it work? The doll pays you piles of cash to pretend it can get an erection?

  3. Charmless Man

    Even with vigorous use, I bet the dolls will outlive the man.

  4. serious question

    What does a male doll do to a women … I mean it can’t get hard …

    • Bucky Barnes

      Yeah right, like women are the target demographic. Every frat house in the country will own at least one.

  5. winningrockstar

    Warning: may result in the production of droopy-eyed armless children.

  6. They forgot to list a feature on the box… every week you simply let a little more air out so that it continues to look like the man himself.

  7. youcandieNOW

    Crackhead ex-wife and neglected twins sold separately.

  8. And the world ends in… 3… 2… 1…

  9. cc

    Fuck this, I still want more pics of the Date Hot Local Girls model. She’s perfect!!!!

  10. Those Goddesses look like they’re straight out of the JC Penney swimwear catalogue.

  11. lmfao

    People more than likely bought it as a gag gift or novelty. I highly doubt anyone (male or female) would want to have sex with that thing. Either way Charlie is still #winning duh!

  12. Did they deliberately pick a bunch of nasty looking skanks to put on the box?

  13. Steelerchick

    Notice the R for Retard in the corner? That’s what you are if you buy this thing!!

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