The Cop’s Dashboard Cam Recorded Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest. Yes.

May 3rd, 2013 // 72 Comments
WATCH: America's Sweetheart Mouth Off To A Cop
On American Ground!!
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Posted by Photo Boy

Remember when just reading the transcript for when Reese Witherspoon drunkenly freaked out on a cop was great? Well, the dash cam video from the cruiser (with clear audio) is even better because holy shit does chardonnay turn Reese into a surly diva. There’s even a part where she clearly mocks the cop’s southern drawl. I don’t know if you’ve ever been around someone who’s personality completely changes when they drink, but that shit is frightening. It seems this isn’t the first time Jim Toth has seen this side of her either since he’s the one getting a goddamn DUI, but he just calmly stands there trying to get his insane wife to relax and shut the fuck up before they both get tased. Hilariously, after the cop handcuffs her and tosses her in the car, Toth can be heard apologizing and saying, “I had nothing to do with that,” which I’m sure went over amazingly when they got home. “Nothing to do with that, huh? *hic* Well I *hic* don’t want nothing do do with your little dick. I’m starving, take me to Waffle House. *vomits, passes out*


  1. JC

    Legally Blonde 3: Ahm an Americain! Hic!

    • It’s true. I’ll never be able to watch the first Legally Blonde the same way again.

      Oh wait. I’ve never seen Legally Blonde to begin with. Eh…it’s probably still the case that you can’t watch it the same way again now.

  2. adrian

    Cool cop!

  3. The Brown Streak

    Wow…give her credit. It took her a whole 50 seconds to pull the whole “do you know who i am” routine?

  4. Funny how these always get released if it makes the cops look good, but if somebody gets shot, or gets the shit beat out of them by the cops, they always disappear, or “malfunction”

  5. Alex

    I think this is going to help her case in the court of public opinion. She’s not saying, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!!!” She’s saying, “Do you know my name?” implying, “can you cut us a break?” Maybe I’m overstating it a bit but it seems she wasn’t being as bitchy as the transcript suggests. imo

  6. She wasn’t “mocking his accent”, she HAS one. They tend to come out clearly in native southerners when they drink.

  7. When I read the transcript, this is pretty much exactly how I pictured it going. Except for the end. Her husband pretty much denying knowing her was hilarious.

    Also, her lie about being pregnant and needing to pee was amazing. If she used that lie to bolt away it would have made sense, but iit ultimately served no purpose at all other than to be a lie.

    • tuliplady

      Well, she is an actress – which technically makes her a professional liar, for money in front of a camera. And gets paid very well for it…

  8. Judas Iscariot

    Cop: “I dun toad you how thing werk…”

    What a southern tool…

    • Yeah, arresting a drunk driver and his belligerent drunk wife is such a dick move.

      • Judas Iscariot

        No complaint about the arrest/DUI. Serves them right.

        Would be nice though if there was a language requirement for being a cop.

      • Or any requirement. Around here its pretty much “Do you have a pulse? Ok, you’re in!”

      • They were in Atlanta, fer fucksake. That’s in Georgia. The one in the USA. That’s how they talk down there. Did you expect him to sound like Liev Schreiber?

      • Courtkney

        Seriously, it’s just an accent, when you grow up from birth surrounded by people who speak that way that is how your language develops. His language and communication skills in the video were just fine, better than most cops I’ve seen or known.

  9. Deacon Jones

    “I don’t know if you’ve ever been around someone who’s personality completely changes when they drink, but that shit is frightening”

    Yeah. It’s called “alcohol”. That’s why they drink PB, and that’s how most of us fucked our way through college.

  10. This video made me laugh so hard! I love that she kept telling him that she’s an American citizen. That’s not relevant to anything that was happening and it’s pretty hysterical.

  11. The Grammar Police

    “… someone who’s personality changes” should be “whose”

    who’s = who is

  12. “Nothing to do with that, huh? *hic* Well I *hic* don’t want nothing do do with your little dick. I’m starving, take me to Waffle House. *vomits, passes out* – This is how pretty much all of my Friday nights end.

  13. Her husband is hilarious. Been there dude. I’m sure he hasn’t been getting any for awhile.

  14. Cock Dr

    Nicely done for Reece making a bad situation so much worse for yourself…..and doing it all on camera for us to watch and enjoy.

    • ScotlandThe Brave

      Regardless of how many Oscars she wins, this performance will be her most remembered. It will follow her to the end of time.

  15. I said this before when she got popped; drunk driving is the dumbest crime you can be charged with. If you get a DUI, you’re a fucking moron. Period.

    • Except she wasn’t the one who got charged with a DUI – it was her husband. She freaked out when she saw him being arrested, but as far as I’m concerned this is no big deal. She was clearly in no fit state to tell her husband, who did decide to drive drunk, not to get behind the wheel, so he’s the real moronic douchebag here. As far as I’m concerned, the acid test here is that she was way too drunk to figure out her personal safety, as well as others’, was at risk in getting in the car with him at the wheel.

      Look, she hasn’t tried to weasel out of it afterwards – she publically apologized, said it was a real jerk move to plead pregnancy, etc., and that she knows better since there are cops in her family, the cop was in the right, and that she was totally wrong.

      Since most celebrities never admit to being in the wrong when they clearly are *cough*Lindsay Lohan*cough*, I think she deserves a bit of a break now.

      • I meant it in a more generalized way., but didn’t really phrase it well. I was typing too fast. I just think if anyone gets a DUI, they’re a selfish moron.

      • Totally agree, Uncle Phil. Hey, at least he didn’t call the cop “sugar tits” but he was still a total irresponsible moron who, since he was more in control than she was, should have been able to figure this one out. As in: I had a lot to drink, I better call a fucking taxi or arrange for a car service.

        But as far as I’m concerned, the $246 or whatever she got fined for mouthing off to the cop is commensurate with the crime – she paid, she was ashamed of how she acted, she was very adult about it. And since she totally admitted she was drunk and acted like an ass and that she knows better than to behave like that when she isn’t intoxicated, I’m all for not piling on top of her (I mean on the internet, you sick fucks) and making a bigger deal of this. She was human, she apoligized, I like her for admitting she has failings just like the rest of us.
        Who, let me point out, the cops don’t know, either – until you tell them to cram three parking meters up their ass, apparently.

      • Hey, justifiable, I totally agree with you. She fucked up, and all things considered it was a relatively mild fuck up. This will all blow over soon enough and be forgotten, possibly to come up as a chuckle at social functions. I’ve done dumber stuff than that. Like the time I told a meter maid to shove three parking tickets up her ass. Who knew one could be arrested for that…???

      • There was the time I was riding my bike by some guy screaming at a parking control officer (i.e. metermaid) and faster than I could get past them, two patrol cars screeched to a halt in front of them and had the guy yelling on the ground hog tied in the blink of an eye.

        I’ve always wondered why persons are so willing to get all hostile with parking control personnel when the law treats ANY hostility against a parking control officer the same as if it was against any other law-enforcement person. Guess people aren’t aware of that.

      • I once got pulled for speeding and asked the cop to hurry up writing the ticket as I was late for an appointment. True story.

      • @sitsdeep: hell I was doing the “natural” 80mph on the *rural part* of the interstate in our neck of the woods – which has the 70mph limit – and someone with a BMW 5 series (I believe it was) went past me at, I guesstimate, around 90++mph….. well I continue on down the interstate and I see the said BMW pulled over by the interstate patrol police…… WELL…. after that, as I continue on that mindnumbing rural stretch of the interstate, that SAME BMW 5 series AGAIN blows by me doing 90++mph….. I guess the owner of THAT beemer REALLY needed to get to point b!!

  16. Mike Nike

    Hey was a very nice cop. He wasn’t overly forceful, told her to get back in the car. He followed the law perfectly.

  17. “I had nothing to do with that !”
    What a PUSSY! What happen to that Southern Chivalry of these fine Cracker men of the South?
    Scared of being fucked up the Ass by Leroy Brown in Southern State Pen.

  18. TheGhost

    Well, on a positive note, her breast looked extra perky in the video

  19. dontkillthemessenger

    The day this tape was released was the best day Ryan Phillippe had in years.

  20. kim

    I don’t think she was being snotty or bitchy at all. In fact, I thought she was adorable. There’s something very likable about this woman.

  21. Pixie

    So being an American citizen keeps you from getting arrested in America! Heh I’ll have to remember that one.

  22. Brooke

    Oh, well. I was expecting her to be a total diva, but she wasn’t, really. The American citizen routine was bizarre, but I think if she was really going to go all diva she would have said her name. It was almost like she was just surprised he didn’t realize who he was arresting– and she is not a no-name celeb, so yeah. I think the cop grabbing her because she asked what was going on was odd, but who knows what happened earlier on.

    In any case, not as bad as this site made it out to be, and she apologized the next day and admitted she was a turd. I’m just annoyed that people drink and drive…

  23. For this to have been a successful leak by the Atlanta Police Dept, this video would really have had to show Reese using completely foul language and/or using violence against the cop. This leak backfired: she comes across a little more sympathetic than the PD would have had us believe. Her husband….ouch. Way to throw the wife under the bus.

  24. Mama Pinkus

    she is acting like an entitled bitch who has had too much to drink….since she apologized and added that she was “deeply ashamed” over the incident, I am inclined to forgive

  25. Booze + the entitlement that having SHITLOADS of money seems to give Hollywood people = this video.

  26. anonym

    Do you know who I am ?

    yo bitch ass about to find out.

  27. Reese Witherspoon slowly went up to that cop and spoke to him in a generally civil manner. She is upset and mildly argumentative as you might be under similar circumstances I have often seen worse behavior at a customer service counter. This is NOT belligerence to s begin with. The cop only told her to stay in the car. Why can’t she ask him questions and voice her concerns? She can stand where she wants, and say what she wants. She IS a US citizen, which used to mean something in America. She was not threatening or belligerent any way to begin with. What crime did she commit? Not following orders? Is this the Fourth Reich? The policeman escalates the situation by grabbing her. The cop immediately reaches for her and puts her in cuffs. Of course she gets more upset after that, who wouldn’t? This is ABUSE OF POWER AND FACISM. We love to criticize celebrities… How about the government and the erosion of civil liberties. Wait until you have to deal with the system and see how it feels! CA police, prosecutors and judges regularly treat people like shit, as if they are above the rest of us. That policeman should be reprimanded and retrained, with no charges pressed against Ms. Witherspoon.

    • GA POLICE. all over the country unfortunately… I see this all the time everywhere.

    • Well you’re obviously one of those individuals that is of the utmost upstanding variety that has never come across an officer of the peace…..

    • I think she reacted as anybody else would. Cops are stupid and have too much power.

    • Key

      I thought the same thing. She was very civil to him, and he completely overreacted. But I’m an Aussie living in the UK, so I’m not sure how the cops in America behave, however his reaction seemed very extreme to me. Surely she has the right to ask for an explanation of what is going on? And why should she have to stay in the car just because he told her to? She was not under arrest and had not committed any crime, so why does he have the right to tell her what to do? If I was in her situation, I would want to stand near my husband too and hear everything that was going on, to have a clear understanding.

  28. ash

    I like the husband, he seems to know she’s whack… except that he was driving drunk and putting others in danger.

  29. Lilac

    it was not actually as bad as the press was saying.. why did he even handcuffed her? she just basically asked what’s going on… and policeman just decided to execute his power just because he can.
    as for her husband it does not look like he would stand up for her in the difficult situations..something to think about

  30. Jenn

    If she’d kept her tiny drunk ass in the car, and off American soil, she wouldn’t have mud on her rep now.

  31. kariboo

    SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT GETTING ANNOYED, and that idiot cop just arrested her cos he could. She’s saying she’s an American Citizen because she means she has some RIGHTS which were being violated

  32. kariboo

    She needs to dump the BF

    • Seriously, I look forward to your next post being a firsthand account about the unfairness of bail bondsmen actually demanding collateral, because you’re a either a moron, drunk posting or a troll who’s extremely bad at his job.

      When the person you’re with is being arrested for a DUI (or for anything else, for that matter), you have no right to “get annoyed” and try to interfere with the cop in that process. That includes asking questions, remonstrating, pleading pregnancy, claiming you have nebulous RIGHTS to interfere with said arrest and otherwise obstruct a peace officer in the performance of his duties because you’re an American citizen on American soil, or any other idiotic notions that you seem to think are somehow righteous and valid. Or would you prefer that drunk drivers be allowed to proceed unimpeded because their wives (FYI, she’s married to him, he’s not her “BF” – moron) are upset at the notion of their being arrested? If so, please arrange to be that first fatality so we don’t have to hear from you again. That is all.

  33. For those defending Reese walking up to the cop after being told to stay seated in the car… What part of “Stay seated in the car” do you not understand? I don’t care if she was going to tell him his ass was on fire, she disobeyed a direct and lawful order from the police. Cops have to deal with completely unknown and often dangerous ppl every day and they have to take control of every situation before something bad happens, and that means enforcing their directives regardless of how “nicely” they are disobeyed. Sheesh. Maybe America SHOULD have forced military svc like Israel so ppl will know how to obey lawful commands and not go all Dog Day Afternoon over a simple instruction like, sit yo’ ass in tha car!

    Oh, and love how Laura Jean Poon (born name) excused her behavior by claiming she has played so many lawyers in the movies, she must’ve felt like one

    • sitsdeep

      I think it is called “public drunk” or something similar. That will get you arrested where I live.

    • camber

      You’ve obviously a fan of sacrified rights for security, which your founding fathers warned you about. How insane is it for Americans to watch the unlawful arrest of an American and cheer? Are other English speaking readers equally equally suprised by this ‘turn on each other’ attitude?

      • In your rush to try and drag Franklin in this, you obviously ignored John Adams – what our founding fathers had, first and foremost, was a deep and abiding respect of the rule of law, which is something that you obviously missed in all your bleating about “unlawful” arrests. There are no “sacrified rights” being trampled on here, unless you somehow think you have 1) a natural right to drive under the influence and 2) a civil right to interfere with a lawful arrest for DUI while you’re equally bombed out of your mind. The next time you decide to get all righteous about the imagined abuses of authority, you might want to remember that the scope of police authority in this country was derived from over 4 centuries of English Common Law, (again, much beloved of our founding fathers) which is what served as a basis for most of the laws we enacted after the revolution. The state’s authority to restrict individual liberty is much greater and wider when it’s being done to protect the public. Which is why trying to interfere with a cop when he’s in the midst of making a lawful arrest for DUI, burglary, arson, rape or any other criminal act will – and should – earn your indignant ass the exact same treatment.

        Since the majority of English speaking readers here aren’t nearly as ignorant, nor are they mounted on such a ludicrous high horse as you seem to be, I doubt they see have much to be surprised about.

  34. the watcher

    So like the husband is a real douch “I had nothing to do with that…”
    yes he did he got behind the wheel … he never one came to her defense… they are obviously not a team… he is just a famewhore… and it took this moment to uncover who he is… a pussy.

  35. tuliplady

    I understood why she kept on saying that she was an American citizen – but when you are drunk, things dont come out right. I think she meant that as an American, she had a right to freedom of speech, and to ask and b given an answer. Her right was being violated, and it came out “incomplete”. She’s right.

  36. Lissa

    So it wasn’t actually as bad as first told. I was picturing a drunk, slurring Reese screaming “Do you know who I ammmmm?”. LOL!…
    I have gotten out of the car and questioned the cop when I was sober, but a case of argument and civil rights does come off much better with a cop when you are sober enough to understand what your complaining about. She should’ve just stayed in the car.

  37. the watcher

    well the bonehead cop showed no tolerance. you can tell he was the least liked in school and after getting rejected for 4H and JROTC became who he is today… A Proud law enforcement personal. So he carries the chip on his badge of being disrespected and a goober as a kid, hey I have a great idea lets give him a gun and authority.

    this movie should be labeled ” the dork and douche ” show.

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