The Banner Girl Contestants: Part 2

July 16th, 2010 // 675 Comments

Alright, folks, here’s one last batch of contestants for The Superficial Banner Girl Contest before Erin assumes her position on the top of the page starting Monday and smiles down upon gossip wrapped in a chauvinistic tortilla.

On a sincere and heartfelt note, huge thanks to everyone who entered. You knew the nature of the site and still put yourselves out there for a chance to add a ray of pretty to my penis jokes. Also, finding out so many hot chicks are fans of the site gave me just the drunken gumption I needed to call up every woman who’s ever rejected me and only two filed restraining orders. (One pressed charges.) High five!

- The Superficial


  1. Unseen
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    Wow Fish…GREAT Batch!!!!

  3. Georgeo
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    Hello Michelle Bombshell.

  4. Wow Fish – GREAT Batch!!!

    • Top 5 of this group

      Cyndle – New York City
      Brittani – Fountain Valley
      Calais – Toronto
      Irina – Bucharest
      Jenna – Prince Albert

    • heh

      Cyndle is stunning, and incredibly sexy. The misogyny and bitterness of some of the posters on this board is pathetic.

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    What a nice invitation!!!

  6. gil
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  7. Unseen
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    The BEST!!!!!! lmao

  9. nahhhhh
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    I’ve loved this from the beginning. What a sexy ass babe. Too bad the quality was so poor it couldn’t be considered for the contest

  11. Steve
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    Good thing you didn’t include this. It would have won as a joke.

  12. Steve
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    Nice underboob!

  13. Steve
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    Very pretty. Looks like Michelle Trachtenberg.

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    OH MY GOD….she is Heaven on Earth. What a Goddess!!! Loved the picture of her from the 2nd round of the contest….but this one is even sexier. Damn…she’s delicious!

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    Not a favorite from when we first saw it (hate the tats and the sand) – but still a beautiful girl that screamed “superficial” – so thought it was perfect for the contest. Of all who didn’t make the cut…this one surprised me the most.

  16. Richard McBeef

    Surprising how many of those girls have these professional-ish photos when they really just aren’t any better looking than what you can find a thousand times over on any college campus.

    Keep on living the dream ladies and keep your mind open for hard core pornography when VS or SI doesn’t call.

    • Any girl who submitted their picture knew they were subjecting themselves to comments both good…and potentially nasty and superficial. That’s to be expected.

      But…let’s see if I’ve got this right. Fish invites the masses of his “ordinary every day” female readers to submit their pictures for consideration for a contest to be on the banner – with the whole point of the contest being that the winner would BE an ordinary every day non-celebrity (with probably little to no modelling experience). But yet when these girls do accept the invitation to submit – and the male readers of the site look through and ogle their pictures – some actually have the balls to mock these girls for entering the contest, and mocking them for being exactly as the contest intended them to be – ordinary every day women. And if you are faulting a pretty (albeit ordinary every day girl) for having taken the time to go and have a professional type sexy glamour shot taken at some point – I have to ask – what kind of women have you been with? Because most attractive women I’ve known or have dated have had at least one professional quality photo taken of them in a flattering or sexy pose. Why not capture themselves in the most flattering light when they are at the peak of their beauty. Doesn’t mean they are destined for porn or dream of magazine covers.

    • Rose



    • Your mum

      I bet you either A, have no girfreind or B have a dog of a girlfriend or better C suck cock

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  19. Lady Blah Blah

    I like Jenna in Toronto, very pretty – and she’s not depending on exposing lots of flesh or posing like a wannabe extra low budget porn star to show the world that she’s a true beauty. Yeah Jenna!

  20. JT
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    Classy lady.

  21. JT
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    Looks like a soccer mom with no boobage.

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    That is one ROCKIN Ass Body!!! Near perfection. Hot Damn!

  23. manda
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    • I’ll reverse myself here. I always have a hard time getting past large tat’s on women and sometimes can’t look past them. But after looking at Maribeth’s MySpace pics – and the picture above more…I’ll admit…she is a sexy damned thing, and very cute to boot. And she does have a juicy little ass.

  25. JT
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    The blue contact scares me.

    • I thought the same thing. Looks almost alien. Too bad. She’s obviously a pretty girl, but goes a little extreme with the contacts, makeup, tat’s, etc.

  26. eatme
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    o hell yes. thank god someone is willing to take a chance and have a little personality. hot as hell too. if you are criticizing this one it is certainly because you are fat, ugly, lazy and suck in bed. seriously, assess yourself.

    • chelsea

      hahaha i love you

    • @eatme. I agree completely. Any male reader would give their left nut be staring at this beautiful girl as she presented him this “come get me” open invitiation. I love how bold and playful she was with her picture. And she is sexy as hell.

  27. abracadabra
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    I want to go to there.

  28. Commented on this photo:

    very nice….

  29. Idontcare

    Does anybody else not give a crap about this ego stroking banner girl contest?
    It’s stupid.

  30. Drundel
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    Naomi Watts sent in a picture?

  31. wb
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    Nice face, bad picture.

  32. FlyingMonkey
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    Last in line for the gang bang: 1-2-3 not it!!

  33. wb
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    Nice face, bad picture.

  34. wb
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    Um, no.

  35. wb
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    Less turtleneck and clean the camera lens.

  36. wb
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    At least she knows what you’re looking for.

  37. wb
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    Better picture and she could have won it.

    • this is the hottest picture here and you want a better one????

    • @pancakeslover….Jesus…you missed wb’s point! There’s no question it’s a fucking hot picture of a beautiful woman in a sexy pose. The point was it was a picture she took and entered for the contest…and she could have won the contest if she had worked to take and submit a better picture because she had what it took to win…and it sucks that she didn’t submit something better – for her own sake (and ours).

      • (continuing)…the fact she didn’t even make the top 25 cut speaks for itself. This could have been hers to loose. It’s too bad.

      • boyingcruz


        pancakeslover did not miss the point. He merely expressed his fondness of the picture, by describing it as “the hottest”, and told wb off for suggesting that it could have been better, by calling him a dick.

    • …I think both wb and I are saying that there isn’t anything wrong with the pose itself…it’s HOT. I think both of us (and others) are saying that with a little better lighting, and DEFINITELY a better resolution setting on the camera (the pic is really grainy) that Fish probably would have selected it for the contest. Fish was careful to only select pictures for the contest that were of good enough quality to be in the banner. It really sucks that Fish didn’t select it – probably for those reasons. That’s what we are saying!

      • Viv

        Yeah, I also think her pic got discarded for tal those reasons you mention, and it really is a shame, I mean I suppose a picture with better resolution and lighting belongs in the banner.

        That said, I really think that the light and resolution is exactly what make this pic so great, the light behind her, from a window I guess, falls on her back and creates a beautiful line all the way from her shoulders to her butt. The rest of her body is “concealed” in the shade.

        The grainy image looks like a “veil” trying to hide her body and failing completely at it. This is a feast for the eyes.

    • cd

      agree….if you’re going to take a pic in low light, know how to do it. she’s clearly very hot

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    I think she is really pretty. I know a lot of you will get on her for the make up and her chin (as you did on the facebook post) – but I can get past it. I like Kristian!!

    • dee

      I kind of like that she doesn’t look photoshopped and you can still see the slight flaws under her make up. Then again, flaws defeats the purpose doesn’t it? :P

  39. K
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    Very pretty, clean cut, and classic.

  40. grobpilot
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    Love the Pablo Picasso drawing. I would have voted for that.

  41. ajax
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    And where’s her nose? That photographer needs to be shot.

  42. Teabagger
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    This chick is stunning – and that lip piercing is fucking HOT! How the fuck did this girl not make the top 25??? Seems like not a lot of blondes did IIRC. 

    She should have. 

    So, I conclude that Fish is either ghey, or he kept some of the best pics for his secret wank-stash. One of the two…

    • madmaxnggrgangbang

      prob the wank stash… although i really think Erin that won is perfect angle/face for what was being voted on!

  43. AnnymousError
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    Jeez. What is wrong with women these days. Ugh. These pictures are mostly pathetic and depressing but this one is really awful.

  44. Commented on this photo:

    Finally, a woman of color. Can’t say much beyond that (and I pray the comments don’t get ugly).

  45. ScienceIsSmarter
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    That looks like a butt, not boobs.

  46. Andriiya
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    She might have won if she had less clothing on, very pretty.

  47. Steve
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  48. testington

    When is the fucking shit over with? I thought this was a celebrity gossip and humor site, this crap is boring. If I wanted to rate average college girls Id go google whether or not is still in business.

    Stop it!

    • fallon

      shhhh it’s ok, i didn’t make the cut either, but u don’t have to b a cunt about it xD

      • testington

        I’m a dude, and thus didn’t enter. If I wanna look at random chicks there are tons of better sites for it, this site is supposed to be celeb news and jokes or celeb bikini shots that’s why I visit it, not to look at a bunch of myspace pictures

      • matt

        then why don’t YOU go to another site and bug them there… A lot of guys want to see this… now move along and fuck off!

  49. Commented on this photo:

    Nice submittal wrt the original intention of the guidelines

  50. AnnymousError
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    American Apparel reject.

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