1. dambdydum

    Who invited carrot top to the GG?

  2. TheCrow471

    What’s the point of her even showing up if she’s not going to show off those glorious marshmallows.

  3. brit

    The dress is merging – Avatar like – with her hair.

  4. Elle

    So did she lose a bet against January Jones?

  5. Hanniepoo

    At least the cleavage doesn’t look like it’s about to swallow her face this year. However, unfortunate back fat. That is all.

  6. oneone

    man she’s hot…….the rack really helps

  7. sunshine

    What’s Kathy Gifford doing at the Globes?

  8. linds

    her stylist clearly hates her

  9. E

    She looks like the Mad Hatter but with worse teeth.

  10. Drunk Donnie

    Looks like the female gremlin from Gremlins 2 finally got rid of the green hair.

  11. Wait a minute, is she just a wierdo that we only thought was hot?

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