Terry Richardson Is Going To Be A Dad

Oh, shit, is this the mother? Congratulations!

Taking time off from forcing his jizz onto models’ faces – “allegedly” – Terry Richardson not only knocked up his assistant/girlfriend, but put twins in there because the worst of us are always our most fertile. Page Six reports:

“We weren’t planning to make this news quite so public quite so soon, because we are very cautious after going through some very difficult and heartbreaking losses, and always afraid of jinxing it, but since the cat is out of the bag… Skinny and I are very excited to let you guys know that we are expecting TWINS in the spring!!! This has been a difficult journey and we are so thankful to be surrounded by so much love and support from our friends and family, and some incredibly smart doctors! I’m sure the kids will be excited to use this as a Throwback Thursday one of these days!!!”

Asked if he enjoys pregnant sex now that there’s a chance his semen might hit two unsuspecting people in the face, Terry responded, “Duh!” And then I hung myself in the garage for immediately thinking of that.

The End. *kicks away chair, shits pants, dies*

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