1. brittani

    Um, ya those are not implants. The second she takes off that top they will fall back into place.

    Also, ya she may have stretch marks… but I hope I have that good of a body after twins… shit.

  2. Jenny

    Jeez, her body is banging whether shes had kids or not. Her boobs look read to me and so what if she has like 3 stretch marks? I have no idea who she is, but the writers on this website must be Adonis’s.

    • TomFrank

      Every time I make a comment along those lines, people respond, “I guess you don’t understand the Internets” or something like that. But I still think we get to make fun of her because she’s a famewhore now, turning her presumably unwanted teenage pregnancy into certainly undeserved celebrity glory.

    • Lee

      she looks so what if she has stretch marks…REAL women have this, not hollywood plastic types…stretch marks are not the end of the world, good god.

  3. looks like Wolverine attacked her… poor lil mama!!!

  4. dr.jimmy

    The stretch marks would be less visible if she was not tanned that much

  5. Z-A

    No wonder she got knocked up, I nutted on pic #2.

  6. sara

    wow give her a break! she looks reallly good for just having twins..stretch marks can easily be least shes not like one of those trashy teen moms.

  7. LoveChild

    I feel sorry for the baby that can’t walk.

  8. Jane

    Those are real boobies. She probably already had naturally larger breasts before pregnancy. That is exactly what mine look like and I have a daughter roughly the same age as her babies. I am quite a bit older, though.. I could not imagine having a child when I WAS a child.


    ummm. stretch marks come when u have kids im a teen mom to and i have stretch marks they came after the birth of my child!!! give her a fricken break to be honest i give her lots of credit she has done a very good job taking careof TWINS i only had ONE child and am having a very rough time so just drop it okay leave Leah alone i love how well of a mother sheis i mean why not go trash someone else like JANELLE WHO WASNT EVEN AROUND TO TAKE CARE OF HER SON!!!!!

  10. Actually, no. Stretch marks aren’t something you just say “oh well, it doesn’t detract from her physical attractiveness”…it does. IT DOES A LOT. Just like her saggy post-nursing boobs do. Just like her train wreck vagina does.

    Ladies, we get it…you hate that squeezing out babies means the end of your most attractive days, but that’s the choices you make. Don’t like it…DON’T HAVE KIDS. It’s not mandatory you know.

    Does she look good for having twins? Yeah, but that’s a pretty fucking low bar to step over. That’s like saying “she looks better than most burn victims”. She’s in the top 10 percent of women you’d turn out the lights to fuck…congratulations.

  11. The Everlasting Know-it-all

    Those are real boobs, folks. She’s bangin except for that dumb tattoo on her back.

  12. Venom

    She looks fine and the stretch marks are to be expected. The country singer bleached blonde hair, now that is the problem. She is cute, she just needs to stop getting knocked up.

  13. This guy

    I want to touch her where she pees.

  14. Ginny

    AShe did get a tummy tuck, you can see it, and I know because I am getting one too. You cn even see the stretch marks left under her navel.

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