Teen Mom Farrah’s ‘Sex Tape’ Has A Trailer Because It’s A Porno She Purposefully Made For Money

While I was on vacation last week, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham signed a deal with Vivid to release her sex tape, and by signed a deal I mean they all pretended she got paid a million dollars for a professional porno she already got paid for acting in as a porn star. So if you’re willing to accept that bullshit angle, here’s Vivid’s official trailer because everyone’s private, intimate sexual encounters include glamour shots now:

“Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” Vivid.com Exclusive Preview (NSFW)

Or you can skip that and go directly to the extremely NSFW clip over on DrunkenStepfather where you’ll immediately notice that there’s no way in hell this thing was shot “like a wedding video” because it’s a straight-up, hardcore porno. There’s literally no denying it after seeing all the squirting and glass dildos (Yup.), so I hope her dad feels really awesome now about bringing his three-year-old granddaughter to fake negotiations at a porn studio. I’m sure it’s what Jesus would’ve done. “Alright, sweetie, sit here and draw a nice picture of Noah’s Ark while grampa helps mommy lie to millions of people about giving grown-up hugs for money. It’ll be good practice for when you turn 18 because, ‘Keeping the baby is the right thing to do,’ I just had to say. Stupid…

Photos: Splash News