Teen Mom Farrah Brought Her 3-Year-Old Daughter To Sex Tape Negotiations

When we last left Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, she finally got kicked out of her mom’s house – Or moved out to be in a “more positive environment,” if you want the bullshit version. – and set off to make it on her own if making it on your own means getting an apartment in Texas right next to your deeply religious dad who’s apparently going to play along with her little game because it’s not like The Bible has very specific rules about premarital sex. Because not only did he agree to come along to her pretend sex tape “negotiations,” while TMZ conveniently waited outside, he also at some point went, “Of course, sweetheart, bringing a three-year-old to a porn studio is a wonderful idea. We’ll make a day of it!”

Farrah told our photog she is negotiating with two other companies and that she is considering Vivid’s offer. She said she only brought her father along “for support” …
Our photog also spoke to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch after the meeting … and even he thought bringing a young child to a porn office was a bad idea.

While Steve Hirsch eventually tried to play it off that Farrah’s daughter sat in the lobby coloring the whole time, I love how a man whose sole source of income is hours upon hours of women getting ejaculated in the face after anal sex was the only one who stopped and went, “Wait, why is there a child around me?” Which raises an even more important question, how do we go about giving him custody?

Photos: Splash News