Teen Mom Farrah Says James Deen Has A Small Penis, Claims Sex Tape Was ‘Like A Wedding Video’

Despite the fact James Deen works in porn and there are hundreds of hours of video footage where people/Photo Boys can look at his penis, Farrah Abraham decided to say it’s small because that’ll teach him to exactly lay out the plans to pretend the porno she made is a leaked sex tape. TMZ reports:

“He should really just get out of the porn industry because things have gotten to his head, he disrespects women and his penis is small. I haven’t seen many but his definitely was not big.”

Even better, Farrah’s mom is apparently going to swallow her daughter’s bullshit and act like Farrah’s the poor victim of a nefarious plot to turn a video she made of herself getting banged into a tawdry sex tape. It was supposed to be something beautiful, “Like a wedding video!” are words that are literally going to be said here. Us Weekly reports:

“I personally hired people to do that so it’s like a wedding video,” she said of the tape. “You expect your wedding video to be good, not bad, so I think it’s great and nobody else needs to see it.”
“At the time, I thought he would be professional and I’m really hurt with how he acted and that’s what I’m so shocked about,” she added. Abraham’s mother Deborah also weighed in on the situation with her two cents, similarly placing all of the blame on Deen.
“How would you feel? Somebody’s trying to exploit your daughter, ruin her reputation, ruin her life?” Deborah demanded angrily when asked about her take on the situation. “It’s really upsetting, and then I have to hear about this from the media, that’s how I found out: when I was at work.”

Dear Farrah’s Mom,

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why am I going along with this? She hired people to make a video of herself having sex just for something to have? That certainly doesn’t sound plausible, but I don’t want to call my little girl a liar…” Yes! Yes, you do! You want to do exactly that. In fact, spending her whole life not calling Farrah out on her bullshit has already led to the following:

- Teen pregnancy
– Buying implants instead of saving her money from Teen Mom
– Leaving you with her kid while she moved to Florida
– Moving back in with you once she ran out of money
– Getting a DUI
– Making porn

Or in short, YOUR DAUGHTER IS NOT A GOOD PERSON. So instead of hitching your wagon to her horseshit star, maybe now would be a good time to talk to a lawyer and fix the one life you can by getting custody of your granddaughter and doing the exact opposite of everything you did with Farrah. Things like discipline, pointing out when she’s lying because it’s not your job to believe every word out of her mouth, still talking about contraception even though she signed a purity pledge at youth group, pre-emptive sterilization. Basic stuff moms and dads do to keep their kids out of porn, or worse, reality television, both of which Farrah has done.

She made porn. Call her on it.

- The Superficial

Photo: Pacific Coast News