Teen Mom Farrah’s Music Video Has To Be Child Abuse, Has To Be

August 17th, 2012 // 63 Comments
Teen Mom Farrah Abraham
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In case you missed Teen Mom Farrah Abraham‘s single, or it didn’t finish the job and left you for dead like the heartless, auto-tuned sonofabitch it is, here’s the video for her latest song “On My Own” which is every bit the ear-rape as “Finally Getting up From Rock Bottom.” Except this time you get to hear her sound like Robocop having a seizure AND watch her daughter dance around the grave of the dude who knocked Farrah up then went to a better place where he doesn’t have to look at her face and watch words come out of it. It’s all very deep and emotional because, seriously, you guys, there’s nothing more raw than exploiting the kid you make your mom raise while you float around Florida with your fake tits trying to get dudes to marry you after dating for six weeks. It’s a spiritual journey of the heart.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News


  1. Ruth


    • shankyouverymuch

      I honestly can’t even comment negatively about this because I know this was just a joke & not a real song or video. Because if this was real the universe as we know it would have ended already!

  2. Randal

    So much worse than I even imagined.


  3. Ashley

    It’s like if GladOs from Portal had a teenage break down. Maybe there’s a past with that heartless robot we don’t know about.

  4. mustardtiger

    This is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

  5. So it is possible to B.R.E.A.K Autotune!

  6. That far exceeded even my worst expectations.

  7. I don’t think any amount of drugs can make this sound like music

  8. I will never listen to this shit. I will not support this woman in any way, shape or form.

  9. meh

    It made my ears bleed but she looks hot!

  10. I’m pretty sure that her music causes anal leakage.

  11. not even one friend to hold the camera.

  12. RacistPete

    It’s nice to see that auto-tune is getting the headline slot that it deserves, after so many years doing back-up for people.

  13. katja

    That’s not even close to what music should actually sound like…

  14. You made it sound “fun” bad…like, “Oh! Watch this and get a laugh out of it because it’s so terrible.” Not “bad” bad. You owe me an apology, Fish. My brain is bleeding now.

  15. El Jefe

    She is kind of hot and like a lot of hot girls she is a lotta psycho. They kind of go hand in hand. I don’t know what I even just listened to.

    I have a feeling she is going to make Kate Gosselin look sane and normal in the end.

  16. cj

    I saw this post on the mobile site which totally blind-sided me and just started playing the music video… i wasn’t sure what was happening and my dog ran out of the room. it was a painful experience.

  17. Sheppy

    Looks like a miss-print on the t-shirt.

  18. nicole

    That was so much worse than I could have imagined. It makes Kim K and Paris Hilton’s attempts at music sound like grammy winners. I’ve never watched the show but I think the moral of the story is, you can take the girl out of the trailer park . . .

  19. j.j

    it reminded me of NIN on valium.

  20. mrsmass

    no idea what uggsy it, but i’m guessing it’s a term to describe her kid’s looks.

  21. Kravmaguffin

    WTF was that? It sounded like the “music” was made from a 90′s cell phone ring tone.
    I actually felt bad for autotune. gfy

  22. Watson

    Just vomited in my mouth… a lot.

  23. Cyn

    That was 1000X worse than I expected. I guess I could see doing that for “fun” for yourself and child, but then to release to the public?? Something is wrong with that girl.

  24. McClownerton

    When devestated Farrah finds out how her “music” has caused eleventy billion people to gouge out their own eyes and puncture their ear drums she will somehow blame it on her mom. and then go tanning. Lets just hope it doesnt cause her to go running to the recording studio (which I am convinced is really a box car and she’s got to be singing into a tin can with a string attached to the bottom. Yum, dinty moore!)

  25. BERN

    the fuck?????

  26. Bri Owens

    W. T. F?

    I tried to tough it out — only lasted 46 seconds

  27. Couldn’t even watch a full minute of that fuckery.

  28. adcomp

    that was…painful. if i ever created something like that, I would burn the tape and never speak of it again, NOT make it public. yikes. someone needs to be more self-aware.

  29. Crissy


    And, did anybody else think the video was gonna end with her murdering the baby?

  30. Jessica

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  31. grobpilot

    In-fucking-credible! Sounds like Yoko Ono getting kicked in the cunt.

  32. Oodie Call

    At least she’s honest: “this is the best I can do”.

  33. Queef Sister

    Don’t let the fake tits distract you…this is darksided devil worship music plain and simple.

  34. TheO

    I can’t actually believe how bad this was. It’s like really shitty 8-bit NES music… only worse.

  35. Wheres my hat ?

    Its faked by the music industry to make you think Will I Am and Britney are not fucking awful. Clearly the whole show is part of a CIA plot.

    Probably involving making you think Malls are cool.

  36. Mudkip

    The soundtrack to my nightmares.

  37. Drsuess

    Holy cluster fuck !!! That is 1mnt I will never be able to get back..
    Quick somebody kill it w/fire ,…

  38. MyCoworkerIsHot

    I imagined it would be bad, but wow.
    I watched the episode where they break up and it was awesome. Hope that guy realizes what a bullet he dodged.
    Wonder if he’s laughing at her lame ass song and video.

  39. KV

    This is worst than Paris Hilton, Kim K and everybody on the Jersey Shore who ever recorded a single. I take The Situation rapping over this any day. Do you see how awful this is ?

  40. puddleduck

    This narcissistic (sp?) bitch needs to be put out in a field picking peas instead of terrorizing the public with this useless shit.

    • Carla

      AMEN & WTF? This shit started playing as I clicked off my player & thought I didn’t really & then I’m thinking “WTF?! Who loaded this shit on it” as I”m reading the post . Stopped it at about mid-way, holy MIERDA? Where does this entitled self-pitying narcissist get off? Yeah, poor YOU. Popping out babies with ridiculous assholes like yourselves. Poster above saying she’ll find a way to blame it on her mom and then go tanning is right on. Unfortunately have run into way too many wastes of space with this attitude. Now excuse me, got to take dare of my bleeding eardrums..

  41. Ha ha… suckers. I learned my lesson last time.

  42. Eugene

    As soon as the vocals (if that’s what you want to call them) started my dog popped up out of a sound sleep and promptly left the room, I should have taken the hint.

  43. Rhi

    As I hit play I had a brief. Thought that I would be stabbed through the heart and turn into a. Ag of red goo like on True Blood. After 30 sec of talking or “singing” into a auto tune karaoke mic I was praying for that outcome. I say get a staffer to read the comments in auto tune, it will be a better song, I promise!!

  44. Madison

    Why does that child still have a pacifier?!?!

  45. How do you fuck up singing through an auto-tune? The damn thing was designed to make talentless people sound less horrible then they actually are. It’s as if she was just saying random shit into an auto-tune, and someone put a Sega game soundtrack over it.

  46. Kudos to her for trying something new, but that’s pretty bad. I’m not a fan of auto-tune, and this video solidifies my dislike of it.

    I’m sure whatever it was she was actually saying could have been a nice poem or something, but this was painful to watch…..

    Some of us are singers. Some of us are actors. Some of us are writers. Not too often can we cross the threshold into another hobby. Stick to whatever it is you’re doing and leave the singing to others!

  47. Get Serious

    If she’s so fame addicted & desperate for attention, she should just do porn or start showing off her titties for money…

  48. Caty

    I got about 20 seconds in. I deserve a medal for this.

  49. MichelleQ

    That was not as horrible as I thought…It far far WORSE. My 2 year old could throw together a better song and/or video. WTF?

  50. LMAO Keep your day job, Farrah. OMG.

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