‘Teen Mom’ Farrah is in a Bikini, And Those Are Definitely Implants

Allow me to introduce Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, the latest addition to the MTV Reality Stars Who Get Implants Then Stage Bikini Photos With the Paparazzi Club. What’s incredible is despite the new bolt-ons, and an admittedly well-toned body, I still can’t get over how badly I want to light this chick’s face on fire. Any time I caught a glimpse of the show, Farrah was bitching at her mom for having the gall to give her a place to live which I could literally stand for 10 seconds before retreating to the kitchen and giving myself a vasectomy with a spoon so I never have a daughter. And now she’s got a pair of fakers which shouldn’t make her even more of an over-entitled brat. No, you only see those things on scientists or charity workers or doctors without borders. Real humanitarians.

Photos: Splash News