1. Mojo Nixon

    What we’ve learned…shooting a baby out of you vagina will make you famous. Somewhere out there the guy who did the study in Freakonics about abortion and crime rates has a gun to his head.

  2. Erin

    i realize now that my life has been wasted. i could have gotten knocked up at 16, capitalized on being punched by my mom, and ended up signing tabloid mags at my local walmart. where did i go wrong…

  3. Ram Punchington

    If she’s not whippin’ man-babies then I’m not interested.

    And she looks old, yeah that’s it.

    Punchington Out.

  4. dani

    watch out fangirl, those super obvious stupid looking implants might knock you out. lost all respect for farrah when she got those, what a bad example for sophia. stupid mother.

  5. her sister looks ugly and old

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