Ted Nugent’s Right About Cecil The Lion, Goddammit

♫ Oh I had sex with my teen wife I adopted wang-dang-diddly-dang ♫

Before everyone jumps down my throat (I mean, you will, but not yet.), Ted Nugent in classic Ted Nugent-style absolutely has the facts wrong about Cecil The Lion. That’s 100% Nuge. However, where he is right is this statement. Via THR:

God are people stupid.”

Yup. Yes, they are because IT’S A FUCKING LION. I know I’m going to get some shit about, “Oh, so we can’t be concerned about more than one thing at a time?” You can, but c’mon. We live in a world full of hunger, war, disease, imminent threats of climate-induced disasters that will wipe our children and grandchildren off the map, yet goddamn Jimmy Kimmel is on TV crying about a lion. A lion! At least five black women have died in police custody in just the past two weeks, and what reaction did that get? Fucking Elisabeth Hasselbeck trying to say cops are in constant peril from lit cigarettes. But a big cuddly animal gets shot, and the whole world shuts down. I’m not at all advocating for some prick dentist to get his nuts off killing animals just for the sake of killing them, but holy fuck, people. Maybe take a look at the actually bad shit happening in Zimbabwe, and you’ll see they have way worse problems than rich assholes flying in and gunning down Mufasa. Unless you’re into mass graves then they’re crushing it. Just taking it to the hole.

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