Kanye West Made Taylor Swift Revenge Porn, How Was Your Weekend?

If I got into an argument with a woman then used a wax statue to make it look like she was naked next to me in bed and put it on the internet, my ass would be in jail right now. But when Kanye West does it, he’s “running rap” and “thought provoking,” which is exactly what happened with the release of his “Famous” video over the weekend that featured the following bullshit:

Taylor Swift naked next to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, also naked.
Bill Cosby naked because he’s also just another victim of celebrity culture and not, oh I dunno, a goddamn serial rapist. “Allegedly.”
Rihanna lying naked next to her abuser. Who thought it was hilarious!

And if you’re wondering how the hell Kanye hasn’t been sued yet – especially after telling TMZ all of the naked celebrities are real (they aren’t) – so is he. Via Dlisted:

kanye west can somebody sue me already

Considering Kanye is broke as shit, that tweet basically said, “Hey, who wants a bucket of Kardashian gold?!” which is why it got deleted after Kris Jenner took the form of a great dragon and reigned darkness upon the earth. We all saw it.

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Photo: Tidal