The Taylor Swift Recording Wasn’t Illegal

After Kim Kardashian dropped the Taylor Swift recording on Snapchat Sunday night, one of the big questions was whether or not Kanye West recorded their phone illegally. He didn’t. TMZ reports:

Here’s the problem … in California, if someone records a “confidential communication” and the other party to the conversation doesn’t know it’s being taped, it’s a crime. But “confidential communication” does not include conversations that “may be overheard.”
We’ve heard the full tape … and Taylor knew she was overheard. The conversation from Kanye’s end was on speaker phone, and during the call producer Rick Rubin speaks up several times. Members of the crew filming Kanye on the call also speak in the room.
There’s no doubt listening to the full tape … Taylor knew she was being overheard. As a result, it’s pretty clear … Kanye didn’t violate the law by recording it.

So that’s that, which brings us to Phase Two: Taylor Swift is totally like a murder victim, you guys. Via the guy who directs her music videos:

Wow. Jesus Christ. On the one hand, Taylor Swift will be fine, so maybe equating her with a woman who was brutally stabbed to death is a bit much. On the other hand, even in light of recent events, there’s nothing I love more than a quality Kardashian burn, so hahaha, they are only famous for helping O.J. get away with murder (and Kim fucking Ray J.)

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