Taylor Momsen Is So Goth And Edgy…

November 4th, 2010 // 68 Comments

She dresses her puppy in adorable skirts and sweaters. Wait, that’s not emo. POLICE!

But on serious note, pics like these can’t help but make me think that even though Taylor Momsen has become a one-woman underage-tit show, like Miley Cyrus she’s just another lost little girl crammed into the Hollywood machine for her parents’ financial benefit. It’s really almost depressing until I remember these kids are also 800% of my income, and I like wearing Playstations for shoes.

*STOMP STOMP STOMP* Childhoods are overrated!

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  1. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, at least she’s decently covered up for a change.

  2. King_Schmaltz

    I like her better when she’s flashing her tits! FACT!

  3. fester

    Cute dog… at both ends of the leash.

  4. phil

    she looks like a ghost lulz

  5. fester

    Isn’t Taylor the granddaughter of Cousin Itt?

  6. burton

    must be on the rag.

  7. Does she think she’s Marilyn Manson now? I’m not sure who looks…better?

  8. Polk

    She’s got a great publicist / manager.

  9. MPS

    Bitch needs to seriously get over herself.

  10. If she’s not showing her tits, what do we care?

  11. Drew

    I can’t imagine that any girl, including Momsen actually thinks her dark ass lips and eyes actually looks *good*. It doesn’t even look Goth, it looks terrible. There are some fucking gorgeous goth girls out there, and Momsen has the body (and arguably, face) to pull it of… I suggest she takes some notes instead of thinking the abused self mutilation whore look is good.

  12. Dick Face

    This bitch is a freak…she goes from flashing her tiny duct tape titties to walking around dressed like a pile of old dirty laundry, WTF? I hope this is some lame belated Halloween costume or she’s got some real fucking issues ( but I still want to cream pie the girl ).

  13. Am I still high on demerol, or does she look like she’s levitating about a foot off the ground?

    well, that might not be an either/or question, but I still need some feedback.

  14. xanax in my beer

    i think the olsen twins did this look already

    • Nick

      Dude xanax and beer are a potentially lethal combo, didn’t the doc tell you? Always. Separate. Drugs. ALWAYS

  15. jrdffr

    i love how all the black people hate her cuz she’s “too white”. jealous much?

  16. Just Cause

    Who the fuck is Taylor Momsen?

    • My sentiment exactly. Never heard anything she’s done. Only place I’ve seen her is here. Nothing hot/attractive/sexy about her. She’s even fucked up the skinny blond chick look.

  17. jenn
    Commented on this photo:

    i liked her before this whole im so fucking hardcore and sex is beneath me, look at my tits blah blah blah.
    she makes me want to rip my, no… her hair out.
    she was cindy loo woo for fuck sakes.
    anyone who wears black lip stick should be shot.

  18. Averre

    How the hell did she manage to fuck up Goth?!?

    Oh wait…it’s Taylor Momsen…nevermind.

  19. grobpilot

    Now, are those sunglasses she’s wearing or has she gone even more overboard with the eye makeup?

  20. Aussie Mama

    She looks like s frickin’ witch!

  21. ChonchArcola

    i wear my sunglasses at night…

    • Nick

      The good thing about wearing shades at night is that in event of an acid attack, you don’t go blind. Lucky!

  22. jacob's escalator

    Has anyobody seen the movie “THE RUNAWAYS” the movie about Joan Jett and Cherry Bomb?

    Well if you dont, see it, or Goggle the Trailer,
    This BITCH is Following Every single thing they were telling Cherry curry in the movie to do, which is
    Be Jailbait
    Be Sexy
    be aggresive

    This Bitch Is even wearing the SAME SHIT THE GIRL in the movie was wearing WHAT THE FUCK, Even the same Colors, same make up
    and has a rock band
    How pathetic does this bitch has to be, Please anyone that hates her, watch that movie, You would totally see how fake this idiot is,
    I used to hate her, until I saw the movie, then I realized, She is a real Idiot,
    now, anytime I see her, I can totally see trough her bullshit,
    which is all fake

  23. Vladimir
    Commented on this photo:

    Ha ha ha, U dumb bitch….

  24. Jason
    Commented on this photo:


  25. Ok seriously that hair needs to GO. I think I spotted a family of rats living in it.

  26. ___

    So f-ing lame…

  27. What!?

    Just 800%?

  28. cmyk

    That look is soooooooooooo Olsen twins, circa 2004. There’s “retro” and then there’s just “lame”. She is the latter.

    Pathetic stylist is pathetic.

  29. Lara

    For some reason she doesn’t piss me off. Amazing

  30. wim

    unless these rags are american.

  31. Nick

    She looks SO much older than she is O_O

  32. megs

    she looks comfy …to sit on.

  33. DF

    It’s Halloween right???

  34. sasha

    Just a little girl who wants to look older and doesn’t know how.

  35. anon
    Commented on this photo:

    i’d hit it. (da dog..yumm)


    That girl can actually sing pretty damned good unlike the other Taylor(with a number one album) that cannot and I CANNOT STRESS this enough….. carry a tune in five gallon bucket.

  37. Hank Rearden

    My goth, she looks like shit.

  38. AP

    Wow, I guess no one here seems to have a grasp on being comfortable with who they are. Whose business is it what SHE looks like and what might look better on her? You may not like it…okay, it isn;t for you…but has anyone ever told you YOU look like crap and you need to look more like what they think is right? Did you stand up for yourself and say “This is who I am”? She is who she is, and i applaud her for that. We need more people who are comfortable being who they are and don’t apologize for it. Everyone thinks it’s their business…news flash: it’s NOT.

  39. OhWow

    What the hell is wrong with this girl? I don’t see how people can say she has a hot body when she’s just a complete twig. No curves, hips, anything whatsoever. Her face looks nice when it’s not covered in shitty makeup, though.

  40. Thepersonyouhate2meet

    What a f**king poser

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