Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Need Your Lame Charity

Somehow Taylor Momsen’s band The Pretty Reckless landed themselves on Letterman last night where she, of course, did her best to act like this was all a bunch of passé shit miles beneath her dark and edgy love of vibrators at age 16. (She’ll later apologize and profess her love for Dave within 48 hours. For such are her ways.) This must’ve been awesome for the two dudes in her band who finally catch a break after reconciling every morning that they play backup for Cindy Lou Who in lingerie. I understand most musicians are just happy to land paying gigs, but there’s no way this wasn’t the biggest heroin-fueled gamble of their lives.

DUDE #1: Okay, so we just sort of play for a while and see what happens.
DUDE #2: What was the name of the show again?
DUDE #1: “Gossip Girl.”
DUDE #2: …. I want all the drugs you can afford. In my mouth.

Photos: Splash News, WENN