Tara Reid on the cover of Playboy

December 14th, 2009 // 81 Comments

Tara Reid will apparently be topless in the latest issue of Playboy (above) in an effort to shut everyone up who keeps showing “old” pictures of her, according to a recent interview with WPIX:

“I’ve been OK now for the last five or six years but people only show old pictures which is so unfair and that’s part of the reason why I did the Playboy shoot – to show the world this is me and this is what I look like.”

I had no idea pictures from this summer really happened five to six years ago, but then again my stomach isn’t botched to the point where it warps the very fabric of time. To put things in perspective, Tara Reid could’ve murdered someone this morning, yet to her it happened 50 years in the future while a brontosaurus watched. (Read: There’s going to be a lot of airbrushing.)

Photos: Playboy, Fame

  1. Turd da Third

    They forgot to photoshop her hands, she has a really bad case of old broad hands

  2. Bob

    Hopefully the airbrush artist is getting paid by the hour haha

  3. cc

    Photoshop issued a whole new version just for this. It’s still in beta but it looks as thought it’s a winner.

  4. cc

    Playboy’s is now about as discriminating as the person who shows up at aused car lot with $500.

  5. bmose

    “It’s not that bad, Roy.” ——-KINGPIN

  6. IKE

    Tara Reid is gross. She’s been that way for a while, so why is Playboy putting her in there? To prove they have the best photoshopping staff on hand?
    Playboy is dying off like it’s founder.

  7. Bill

    @ bmose–

    “What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap?”

    These pictures are terrible. My wife of all people got me a Playboy subscription a year ago…..needless to say I WON’T be renewing.

  8. Steve


    Does this woman know that gyms exist? That’s pretty
    disgusting for a bikini look. She needs to fill up those
    body wrinkles, eat more and moderate exercise or do something.
    She reminds me of wrinkle dogs.

  9. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    every freakin
    one on diz
    zite lookz
    better than her….
    wut a joke//

  10. Ice

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  11. AnonymousError

    Looking forward to seeing some exceptional photo editors work on those shots of her. That guy deserves a huge raise.

  12. she's nasty

    FUCK OFF, *****matching.com homo. Go promote your fag site somewhere else.

    Tara reid has hit a new low. She used to be all the “young hollywood” films hot piece of ass; now she’s reduced to having to strip to get attention. Stupid dumbass did it to herself; she’s the one that showed herself to be a full blown drunk, and single handedly killed off all the buzz around her.

    Posing in playboy = the last desperate attempt of a has-been to gain any form of attention; ridicule included.

  13. PostmortemG

    ¨She looks like the victim of a horrible fire. ¨

    Damn, she *DOES* look like a burn victim. Ah well, this makes no difference to me – I´ve never purchased an issue of Playboy, and this event just may guarantee that i never will. I remember when this lady was ´hot´, as they say. Wow…

    ¨What a good example to young girls of how you may look if you abuse your bodies. Ugly, germ ridden, fake, bleached, good for nothing but hoovering crack whore.¨

    I think I´ve just decided that I´ll *NEVER* let this happen to my favorite Paraguayan call-girl. Fucking seriously.

  14. me

    please – Tara……go away… now

  15. J

    Apparently Tara has not actually seen a picture of herself, and I certainly assume she missed these hideous shots.

    Just because your skinny does not mean you have a nice body, or even an “ok” body.

  16. we have a woman of 60 in the playboy! :S no wonder that playboy is in trouble

  17. marie e.

    she wants to “show the world how she looks now”, unfortunately, she doesnt look so hot on that cover as she obviously thinks she does..

  18. marie e.

    she wants to “show the world how she looks now”, unfortunately, she doesnt look so hot on that cover as she obviously thinks she does..

  19. alyssa

    i hate this trashy whore.. stop tryna airbrush her ugly stomach .. if ur on playboy u should be hott not havta be airbrushed GROSS

  20. Thoughts that came to mind:

    1)Doesn’t she have a sex tape that she should be shopping around?

    2)This makes me so sad… why should she have to prove to the world that her body is ok? Clearly girl is lacking in the self-esteem area, not that it wasn’t already obvious.

    3)Isn’t she like, 40 or something?

    4)Why do we still care? We have a new train wreck to watch called Lindsay Lohan.

  21. She bungled the hot body card. Needs to forget about those days. If she’d just accentuate the positive she might do alright.

    Girls, you want a six-pack? Try a slant board. It should be safer than liposuction with a Dustbuster in a dark Mexican alley. Takes some effort though. BOOOO.

  22. cc

    Last time I saw hide like hers I was removing some parts from an old Cadillac that had been sitting in a field for 30 years.

  23. Stella

    Her body still looks so weird. It’s obvious from her belly that she had numerous cosmetic surgeries done. Her knees/thighs look awful. Her breasts are fake. Fake tan. Fake blonde hair. All fake!

  24. Fishbone

    Not only is Playboy robbing us of one issue in 2010 they are leaving us with TARA REID for 2 months. Bogus.

  25. sexy-cutie

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  26. Artie

    that makes u want to lose your lunch. Whats up with all the loose skin

  27. the pictures posted in the link from this “summer” were disgusting… literally, I started to choke.

  28. lins

    why does she look like that what happened

  29. i thought her body was better than that

  30. Wow … she has changed quite a bit

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