Tara Reid got another boob job?

December 1st, 2005 // 21 Comments

tara_reid_boob.jpgI’m not an expert on Tara Reid’s breasts, but some of the folks at the JJB forums are speculating that she got another boob job, considering her enormous rack is looking even more enormouser. The only thing I know for sure is that I had to make up a word like ‘enormouser’ so you know something’s up. Although I always imagined she would have gotten her stomach fixed before she put any more work into her boobs. But that’s the reasoning of somebody who isn’t constantly drunk and falling over things and getting felt up in public.


  1. HollyJ

    holy be-jezuz, those things going to have a detrimental affect on the tides

    (I’m waiting with bated breath to hear what Bill Clinton has to say)

  2. Linnea

    I’d be sort of terrified of standing next to her in case those boobs have a mind of their own and tried to smother me with their silicone-y goodness.

  3. MrPloppy

    OK get a half empty tube of toothpaste. Screw the cap on tight. Now squash the bottom half. See how you have a deformed funny lower half, and an big squishy upper half. Tara mystery solved.

  4. Mary45

    OK she’s starting to look frightenly like Anna Nicole with those tits. God I hope the doc that did her bad lipo didn’t do her tits or one of them will be down by her belly button (if it’s still there), in no time!

  5. derekd

    “Hello my name is Tara Reid. Has anybody seen my career anywhere?”

  6. Stacyy

    her stomach is like that because she inserted silicone through her bellybutton, as well as through her nipples. she is one disgusting chic and she has got to cut that fake raspy voice out and chill with the partying cuz she gets on my nerves every time i look at her. oh and did i mention shes a horrible actreess

  7. nichole

    Seems like only yesterday that Tara Reid was that cute chick from American Pie. . . .

    Ew. . .

  8. tori

    stacyy – that’s not true. whend one right, the belly button is the best to do it. the stomach is a result of really bad lipo.

    ugh tara makes me sad.

  9. leecain317

    i think the pic with her “weird stomach” is actually her liver waving the white flag.

  10. You know, if President Bush really wanted to end the war in Iraq, he’d send Tara Reid over there in a tight button-down shirt and tell her to thrust her chest out quickly….because then the velocity of the flying buttons would kill everyone. That and the horrid stench coming from her rotting soul.

  11. I tried to outlaw implants when I was in office but then who would I get money from.
    Anyone else think it is peculiar that Tara was born in Wyckoff, NJ.?

  12. Blue_Rain

    You know, I can’t help feeling that when your breasts are bigger than your head, it might be an idea to stop with the surgery…

  13. Tara has UDDERS!

  14. Rachel

    She’s just trying to emulate her hero Pamela Anderson. She’s got a “career” (mainly being that of a Playboy model), but one none the less.

    I bet she’s just sad that she’s so malformed she’ll never be in Playboy.

  15. sjb16

    Posted by leecain317 on December 1, 2005 10:00 PM

    i think the pic with her “weird stomach” is actually her liver waving the white flag.

    Yeah it’s so bad her liver decided to collapse into itself, like a neutron star.

  16. I don’t think it’s another surgery–I have a shirt like that, and whenever I wear it, it looks like I go up a cup size. It is not the optical illusion of breast enhancement that is the problem for me, but rather the optical illusion of the “stomach o’ clay”

  17. CoJo

    Simple. She saw how chubby she looked on TV and decided to slim down – or get sucked out…either one, it’s just an optical illusion. Her waist is smaller, making her boobs look more enormous than ever.

  18. Katie

    Looks like one is a cup size bigger than the other ….. ew

  19. I’m more focused on that stomach…looking like some form of lipo.

  20. dear, oh dear, oh dear! the lengths tarts will go to with the hope of staying famous!! and has that stomach had a good rub down with sand paper…..nah it’s just no tan……it must be with her always in Paris hilton’s shadow!!!!

  21. kidokwan6

    come on now chill, she is still a Attractive woman

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