Tara Reid Got Paid Less Than Everyone Else in ‘American Reunion’

“They said *hic* I’d get an extra $50 if I fuck the pie this time.”

Posted by Photo Boy

Here’s a barely functioning Tara Reid heading out to dinner with her permanent hair-holder husband Zack Kehayov. Following a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Tara took to her Twitter in what appears to be an effort to debunk the rumor that she was paid literally a fraction of what some of the other cast made for American Reunion:

Don’t believe everthing you read about american reunion its not true its a great movie and everything will come true

Some would say this is her way of claiming that she actually got paid more, but to me its actually a message to Zack letting him know that he has to cut the puke out of the dog’s fur again. I can honestly say that Tweet makes about as much sense as the decision to cast her in this movie in the first place.

Producer 1: Ok, the rest of the cast is locked down and this bag of garbage will play Vicki.
Producer 2: *On the phone with garbage bag’s agent* Uh huh, ok, we’ll get back to you.
Producer 1: Problem?
Producer 2: Tara will do it for less.
Producer 1: Goddamnit!

Photo: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News