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Here’s Every Single Crazy Face Bertney Made At The ‘X Factor’ Premiere

Fun Fact: Shortly after Britney Spears just walked right off set during her first episode of X Factor, Simon Cowell secretly suffered a nervous breakdown that forced him to disappear for three weeks. Now imagine being in those shoes and coming back to see each and every one of these faces you paid $15 million… More »

Bertney Looks Bootiful, Y’All

Here’s Britney Spears arriving at the X Factor auditions in Oakland yesterday, and you’d just assume someone who has an entire dressing room stuffed to the gills with fried chicken, potato salad and Snickers wouldn’t have to be held down in a make-up chair until the tranquilizer dart kicks in cancelling out the Pop Rocks… More »

Cheryl Cole’s Accent Frightens and Confuses Us

Despite appearing at the FOX Upfronts, Cheryl Cole was unceremoniously dropped from the American version of X Factor yesterday and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. While no official reason was given, it’s being hinted that her British accent was too thick which, of course, is a cover up for how big of… More »