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So This Is Why Tara Reid Didn’t Want To Talk About ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Tara Reid drunk on a reality show? No. This can’t be. More »

Jenny McCarthy & Tara Reid Fought, Too, If Anyone Gives A Shit

Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid also had the beef. More »

Hey, Tara Reid’s Boyfriend, That’s Not Tara Reid’s Butt

Tara Reid’s boyfriend is the affectionate type. More »

Rich F*cking Assholes Acting Like Hippies (Coachella)

It’s that time of the year again when celebrities spend thousands of dollars to hang out with other celebrities and pretend they’re all dirty hippies. More »

Tara Reid In A Bikini (You’re Welcome?)

Tara Reid’s looking… healthy. More »

Tara Reid Poses Nude On Instagram, Gets Accused of Using Photoshop

While it seemed like 2015 was starting out with so much hope and promise, here’s Tara Reid posing nude on Instagram, so clearly we’re all about to be baptized in fire as the screams of our lamentations pierce the sky. It was a good run. But until then, here’s Tara’s latest bikini photo that her… More »

And Now Time For Tara Reid Or Kate Gosselin Melting Under A Heat Lamp?

Now I know what you’re thinking, there aren’t 25 Asian kids running around, so clearly it’s Tara Reid. Except you’re forgetting one important piece of information: Kate Gosselin hates her children and will do everything in her power to never be around them. Why do you think her house is 80% crawlspaces? The woman’s a… More »

And Now Back To Celebrity Biki- OHMYGOD THAT WOMAN’S DYING! SHE’S DYING! CALL 911!

Seriously, that woman’s skin is sloughing right off her body! Why isn’t anybody- Oh, shit, it’s Tara Reid. This is, uh, this is embarrassing. I’m gonna leave now. I should go. *whistles, ducks out door*

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFphoto, Pacific Coast News
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Tara Reid Thinks Whales Have Sex With Sharks To Make Whale Sharks

Tara Reid is in Sharknado, so that basically makes her a marine biologist, thought the producers of Shark After Dark on The Discovery Channel because here she is on last night’s episode explaining where whale sharks come from. And keep in mind, this is after what Tara Reid considers research, so she doesn’t sound “like… More »

This Is Why You Never Drink Around Tom Cruise

“Xenu.. mindbeams.. mindbeams in my butt.. Xenu.. Tom Berenger.. sell my dad’s company.. Xenu.. Ohmygod, that woman’s MELTING.. Xenu.. buttrays.. Xenu.. No, I don’t want a handjob, handsome midget.. Xenu.. Xenu.. E-meter? More like butt-meter! AHAHA! Xenu.. Nah, I’ll take the Marion Cotillard train home.. Xenu..”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News,More »

Tara Reid’s Bikini: Your Ticket To BonerTown

Tara Reid’s stomach looks like a giant clay vagina smooshed on top of a football, but you’ll notice that hasn’t stopped her from wearing a bikini and/or finding a man to have sex with her. Mostly because she’s a drunk and I know dudes who would bang a Hot Pocket, so really this post isn’t… More »

Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Want You To See Her Shopping With Tara Reid

Somehow Tara Reid and Lana Del Rey are friends (Blackmail: Works every time!) because here’s the two of them hanging out together in Milan yesterday. And by hanging out together, I mean Lana immediately ran into her car once she saw the paparazzi and left Tara standing on the street to walk home. Which is… More »

Hey! Take Yo’ Gotdamn Shoes Off Before You Get On Diddy’s Boat

You and I live boring, conventional lives where getting invited over to someone’s house and being asked to remove our shoes is generally accepted because we all know shampooing carpets takes fucking forever. Also, shoes are violent oppressors whose shackles I’ve long since escaped, you toesy-restricting bastards. Anyway, when someone like Diddy throws a lavish… More »

Tara Reid Is All The Rage In Europe

Earlier this morning, I linked to an article on Lainey Gossip that identified Tara Reid’s date to a Cannes yacht party as diamond mogul Fawaz Gruosi, so here are a bunch more pics of Tara at Cannes because apparently filthy rich Europeans can’t get enough of her. They’re so forward thinking. “I do say, Reginald,… More »

Tara Reid Basically Says ‘Hey, At Least I’m Not Lindsay Lohan,’ Is Right

Welcome to the exact moment Lindsay Lohan might want to consider dressing up like a baby and running herself over, because here’s Tara Reid essentially telling Access Hollywood that at least she’s not Lindsay Lohan and completely having a leg to stand on:

“It’s really important how you keep things private,” she said… More »

Tara Reid’s Marriage Was Fake

Apparently it’s “Holy Shit, I Need Money But Working is So Hard” Day (See: here and here.) because Tara Reid has admitted to TMZ that her marriage to Zack Kehayov was fake. And why would she do such a thing? Her flight had alcohol on board:

That wedding Tara Reid just couldn’t shut… More »

Tara Reid Got Paid Less Than Everyone Else in ‘American Reunion’

“They said *hic* I’d get an extra $50 if I fuck the pie this time.”

Posted by Photo Boy

Here’s a barely functioning Tara Reid heading out to dinner with her permanent hair-holder husband Zack Kehayov. Following a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Tara took to her Twitter in what appears… More »

And Tara Reid Just Started World War III

Fresh off of getting drunk Tuesday night, here’s Tara Reid drunk last night where she thought it’d be an awesome idea to continually expose her midsection because apparently we don’t go to war with England enough. So hopefully they’ll start this thing now, and that way President-elect Rick Perry can try to pray our enemies… More »

Being Tara Reid’s Husband Looks Magical

When Tara Reid announced her marriage to Zack Kehayov everyone’s first reaction was to get the identity of her husband entirely wrong. But after that, everyone just assumed he’s clearly some sort of drug dealer who severely over-estimated her wealth. So here’s the lovely couple out in London last night where Zack had the distinct… More »

Tara Reid Made Her Debut on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Last Night

Posted by Photo Boy

Tara Reid is not only starring in Celebrity Big Brother, but also has a role in the upcoming American Reunion. Granted, I’m pretty sure her role in the film has been cut down to them just using a close-up of her belly for the poster, this still means that… More »

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