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JWoww Wants To Get Pregnant, Too

If you thought the worst thing that could happen as a result of Snooki getting pregnant is that her child will eventually learn what his mother is, well.. okay, you’re right. Shut up. But the second worst thing that could happen is she makes the other walking piles of greasy melanoma in the Jersey Shore… More »

VMAS: All This Should’ve Died In The Hurricane, But Noooooooo

To further emphasize the fact it hasn’t showed music videos in over a decade yet still give out awards for them because its viewers just want to stare at moving pictures of anything, literally anything, MTV not only invited the cast of Jersey Shore (Minus The Situation who’s apparently going to shit into the hand… More »

‘Jersey Shore’ is Going to Be About Ronnie and Sammi Fighting Again

If you actually thought the new season of Jersey Shore in Italy was finally going to have a different storyline that’s not Ronnie and Sammi fighting every goddamn second, surprise! They’re back together. Now that I’ve crushed the hopes and dreams of anyone stupid enough to watch the show, here’s Deena Cortese with a penisMore »

You Have To Be Kidding Me…

Because there’s not enough strife and cause for alarm in the world these days, the stars of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were allowed to have a “girls’ night out” in New York City yesterday, effectively forming a three-headed hydra that can only be stopped by firing a morning after pill into its heart. There… More »

They all get girlfriends.

Should I have said Spoiler Alert?

Here’s Pauly D and Vinny of Jersey Shore posing with their “girlfriends” in Miami because apparently MTV’s going to shoehorn in a storyline that doesn’t involve these kids forgetting what their nicknames are and/or drunkenly banging Cuban immigrants as they wash ashore. “I’m pretty sure I’m Cannoli… More »