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Ryan Phillippe Might Be Your New Marvel Person, Or Not, Who Knows?

Ryan Phillippe has a meeting with Marvel that the Internet has already decided is for Iron Fist. More »

Lindsay Lohan’s Client List Just Got Bigger

Last week, In Touch published a handwritten list of celebrities that Lindsay Lohan had sex with because she’s broke and will do anything for money. Except part of the list was blurred out for reasons that can now be described as milking the fuck out of this thing because here’s the next batch:

More »

Seth MacFarlane Banged Alexis Knapp While She Was Pregnant With Ryan Phillippe’s Baby

Let me just start out by saying, I love everything about this fucked up story particularly the part where Seth MacFarlane demonstrates he’s a goddamn genius by employing the age-old maxim, “Well, it’s not like she can get more pregnant.” Us Weekly reports:

Alexis Knapp — who gave birth last year to daughter… More »

Ryan Phillippe Really Wants That DNA Test

“Just here to hope it comes out black. Wink.”

Model Alexis Knapp apparently gave birth to a baby girl as Ryan Phillippe watched in the delivery room, according to People, which sounds well and good until the first sentence reveals it’s never been proven he’s the father. So basically Ryan Phillippe stood in… More »

Ryan Phillippe is Quitting Acting

You might be surprised to hear this, but Ryan Phillippe acts in movies. Or at least he did until this weekend when he told reporters at the Tribeca Film Festival that he’s tired of the paparazzi and is moving to New York to get away from them. I’m also assuming this was the exact moment… More »

Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe Are Wasted and Other News

- Hulk Hogan just won my heart all over again for the very first time. [Popeater]

- Vanessa Hudgens hates the Internet now. [Dlisted]

- Dennis Quaid reveals coke was big in the 80’s. Who knew? [Huffington Post]

- Michael Shannon will fight the British Superman. [Lainey Gossip]
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Reese Witherspoon Got Married

Because her last one to Ryan Phillippe worked out awesome, Reese Witherspoon married her agent/boyfriend Jim Toth this weekend. Although, in her defense, he’s a balding, unattractive 40-year-old, so the chances of straying are slim. On that note, let’s find out how Jake Gyllenhaal spent the day coping with not being a passive enough doormat. More »

Ryan Phillippe Knocked This Up

Ryan Phillippe’s life just got a lot more fun. Apparently over the summer he not only dated model Alexis Knapp (above), but stuck his penis in her vagina without a condom on which somehow resulted in a pregnancy. Who knew that’s how that works? People reports:

Alexis Knapp, 26, an actress who dated… More »

Rihanna Shot Down Ryan Phillippe

Using this exact move.

Seen here at last night’s Brit Awards, Rihanna was recently propositioned at LA’s Soho House by Ryan Phillippe who apparently left the Amanda Seyfried business at that very second without telling anybody. Us Weekly reports:

“He said something to the effect of, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ More »

Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe, Huh?

Proving once again any time I make a doggy-style sex joke, Ryan Phillippe ends up getting some, here he is leaving Kate Hudson’s Halloween party while trying to pretend Amanda Seyfried wearing a giant dog costume isn’t in the front seat. Then again, that’s entirely on her considering, oh I dunno, she’s wearing a giantMore »

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