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There Was A #FreeTheNipple Fundraiser, Of Course

A few weeks ago, Scout Willis walked around New York City topless because Instagram doesn’t allow nipples or something. The important thing is that it’s a very serious issue that required very serious celebrity activism instead of, oh I dunno, say childhood obesity, education, hunger, poverty, unemployment, domestic abuse, fracking, gun control, climate change, or… More »

Joanna Krupa Won The Pre-Grammys

Before we hit you a metric ass-ton of pics from the Grammys, here’s the best of the Pre-Grammy parties which is hands down Joanna Krupa followed by Taylor Swift’s body looking way tighter than it did at the Grammys, Rihanna wearing this yellow thing over her presumably naked body, Miley Cyrus actually wearing clothing in… More »

Harriet Tubman Having Sex? Now That’s Comedy!

If you’ve somehow completely missed this shitstorm, yesterday Russell Simmons launched his new All Def Digital YouTube channel with a comedy sketch featuring Harriet Tubman making a sex tape. Which on its surface sounds like a hilarious concept, but keep in mind I’m dead inside and have no sense of decorum. Surprisingly, it did notMore »

Remember Kennedy? Michael Jordan Tried To Take Her Virginity In A Dice Game

One of my favorite things in the world is when a pseudo-celebrity finally reaches that inevitable point in life where the only thing they have to offer society is embarrassing stories about actual celebrities. So here’s former MTV VJ Kennedy shilling her new book The Kennedy Chronicles with an anecdote about Michael Jordan trying to… More »

The Crap I Missed – Russell Simmons Paid Good Money For This, Doesn’t Want To Pull a Hammy

“And take it down to Wealthy Elderly Pervert’s Pose. Exhale. Gaze into $1500/hr.”

Welcome to Monday’s The Crap I Missed which you’ve probably already noticed isn’t the usual collection of titties and buffoonery. Except it sort of is, because this entire gallery is the odd shapes that make up Russell Simmons’ body alternating… More »

Russell Simmons Seems Pleased With His Purchase

Here’s Russell Simmons at the premiere of For A Good Time Call… last night which he was apparently running late for because they just dropped his date off at the door without his usual pre-inspection. Which is why he literally spends the entire time on the red carpet wondering how much they charged him for… More »

Heidi Klum Doing Yoga and Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- Jon Favreau almost got Olivia Wilde killed. [Huffington Post]

- LeAnn Rimes looked awful even when she was eating. [Dlisted]

- Matthew Broderick is dying inside. [Lainey Gossip]

- Megan Fox vs. Kate Upton: Bikini Showdown. [Hollywood Tuna]

– That… More »

Russell Simmons: ‘Cut Chris Brown Some Slack Like Those Disney Kids Get’

Welcome to the exact moment my white liberal guilt reaches its tipping point.

Russell Simmons has posted an open letter on Global Grind entitled, “Chris Brown: When Fame Snatches Your Freedom,” that is a four page essay on how Chris Brown is essentially a dancing Jesus who deserves a break like all those… More »

Julie Henderson still in a bikini

Sports Illustrated model Julie Henderson and Russell Simmons continued their vacation in Miami yesterday which reminds me I need to make a doctor’s appointment so I can schedule whatever surgery Russell Simmons got that makes $1,000 bills fly around his penis. Or is it just some kind of ointment? Because I’ve been trying all… More »

UPDATE: Julie Henderson in a bikini

Here’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Julie Henderson in Miami yesterday with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons who apparently got tired of banging Sophie Monk. Then again, what doesn’t make Russell Simmons get tired these days? He probably takes a nap halfway through eating a hot dog. Although in his defense, he sleeps on a bed… More »

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