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Tracy Morgan’s Emmy Appearance Almost Got Ruined By Paula Deen

You never know when Paula Deen will strike next. More »

Paula Deen On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Is Going As Expected

Paula Deen on a dancing show with a diverse cast? Why that’s just a recipe for some fun, sugah. Now g’on dress live a field girl and dance for ol’ Paula. More »

Say, How’s Ol’ Paula Deen Doing?

You can’t make brownface without buttah and sugah, sugah. That’s the Paula Deen way. More »

Paula Deen’s Video Game Will Melt Your Mind Into Buttah, Sugah

Paula Deen has a video game, and the trailer will fry your brain like a goddamn egg. More »

Paula Deen Shut Down Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House. Thanks, Obama

Now look what you Commie liberal faggots did. All because she said some sweet, kind, Southern genteel words about making colored folk dress up like beautiful plantation slaves like the glorious days of the south when it was legal to own them like property, poor Paula Deen closed her restaurant without the courtesy of notifying… More »

Paula Deen’s Just Like That Gay Black Fellow Trying To Play Football

“I’mma call you Mammy, sugah.”

Because eight months has been a long enough exile for thinking black people dressed as plantation slaves are an acceptable wedding decoration – Or saying “nigger” once in the 80s to a bank robber, as this story will continually be spun. – Paula Deen has launched a $75More »

What It’s Like To Go On The Paula Deen Cruise

After a public relations disaster thanks to a lawsuit she ended up settling out of court after giving a now-pointless and career-destroying deposition that confirmed to the world she thinks making African-Americans dress up like plantation slaves is an acceptable wedding decoration, Paula Deen vanished from public sight. Except now she’s planning a $75 millionMore »

Paula Deen Tried To Use Prop 8 To Get Her Lawsuit Dismissed. Of Course.

“If y’all let homahsexuals like this’n here marry, then you must acquit.”

As this Paula Deen debacle has unrolled to reveal its bacon donut center with a butterfat butter glaze, I’ve been wondering how the hell her lawyer let her walk into a deposition and not only admit to using the word “nigger”More »

Paula Deen’s Publisher Cancelled Her Already #1 Best-Selling Cookbook

“Oh, how rude of me, sugah. Y’all probably never seen one of these in your village. This is a book. El book-o.

Because America is a shitty place, pre-orders of Paula Deen’s upcoming cookbook “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up” shot to #1 on Amazon as a direct result… More »

I Think Paula Deen’s Been Fired Enough, Everybody

In the past 24 hours since Paula Deen’s disastrous TODAY interview, she’s been fired by Target, Home Depot, Walmart and the diabetes medication Novo Nordisk which is just getting way out of hand. Target I can understand because people like me shop there so we can walk around saying, “Oh, I never shop at Walmart,” More »

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