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Poor North West Never Stood A Chance

North West just wants to go to ballet without cameras in her face. More »

Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Again

Kim Kardashian is pregnant again which can’t be right because there hasn’t been a plague of locusts yet. These things have an order. More »

Anna Wintour Wants Babies Banned At Fashion Shows, I Wonder Why?

Anna Wintour wants to ban babies from the front row of fashion shows because of these two idiots. More »

Stop. Bringing. Your. F*cking. Kid. To. Fashion. Shows.

Kim Kardashian brought North West to another fashion show where she acted exactly like a baby at a place it has no business being because of course these two are *those* parents. More »

Kim Kardashian Is Already Prepared For Her Daughter To Pose Naked

Constantly doing porn has made Kim Kardashian’s lots of money along with unprecedented fame for her and her family who literally did nothing but be related to a woman Ray J peed on. But enough about why America needs to burn, here’s Kim response to the prospect of her one-year-old daughter doing a similar photo… More »

North West Will Have To Work For What She Wants

Posted by Photo Boy

The Superficial’s Theory of Kardashian, which states “Upon the opening of the mouth, utter bullshit shall spew forth until said mouth closes or is rendered unintelligible by oral processes related to the filming of interracial pornography,” so we already know that when Bos Optimum, or Kim Kardashian, as the… More »

North West Has Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Dolls

For the record, normally I would consider giving a one-year-old cute little dolls of her parents to be as adorable as kitten testicles. But because it involves the two most egotistical people on the planet, this is probably the most disturbing shit I’ve seen all day. – *remembers Stephen Collins post* – Okay, second most. More »

‘Please, Just Let Me Look At Fashion With My Tits And My Baby’

“Guys, guys, please. I’m just a working mom trying to sit front row at a Paris fashion show with my tits and my baby. And Kanye West. I don’t know how you always show up when I’m out with my tits and my baby, and Kanye West, but you probably think I’m going to get… More »

There Is.. Another.. Fappening

NOTE: This is not a leaked photo of Kim Kardashian. This is the shit she gives away for free.

The last time I covered The Fappening our servers broke for two weeks, so if it’s Monday morning and there’s nothing but a crater where the site once was, avenge me. Now that that… More »

Kanye West Went Off On Jay Pharoah About His VMAs Jokes, Of Course

During the VMAs, comedian Jay Pharoah did an impression of Kanye West, so naturally Kanye got all kinds of fucked off because he’s the most serious subject in the world and his “vision” should never be distracted from or some stupid horseshit. So here he is bitching to the crowd at the Made in America… More »

Kanye West: ‘My Dad Was A Paparazzo’

“Why does one of them keep yelling, ‘I just want to see my granddaughter!’ instead of taking pictures of my tits? Kanye? — Kanye?

So remember in The Empire Strikes Back when everyone finds out Darth Vader is Luke’s father? This is sort of like that except way, way stupider because only hands… More »

Kanye West Is Still Saying Celebrities Are Treated Like Blacks In The 1960s

That’s marital rape, bitch.

Of all the soundbites from Kanye West’s GQ interview, the most ridiculous one was his claim that celebrities are treated like blacks in the 1960s. Because not a day goes by where Kanye isn’t practically sprayed with a firehose, beaten with bricks, or hung from a tree. Having your… More »

Kim Kardashian Is Like A Working Mom, You Guys

While appearing on CNBC yesterday to promote her Kardashian Kid Klothes (Try the hoods!), Kim Kardashian decided to refute Pespi CEO Indra Nooyi’s recent comments that working moms really can’t have it all because Kris Jenner taught her daughters that you fucking abandon your kids until you can pimp them out for money and you… More »

The Paparazzi Are Raping Kanye

Kanye West made a conscious decision to marry Kim Kardashian, a woman who won’t even stop to pick up toilet paper without tipping off the paparazzi, so he really should’ve come to terms with how things are going to work until he eventually leaves her. But that would require Kanye to not be an insane… More »

‘Please Be Quiet Around My Tits And My Baby. My Tits And My Baby Need Silence.’

Because Kim Kardsashian is a vacuous leather couch who demands constant attention, she wheeled her supposedly sleeping baby (and see-through tits) through LAX instead of sending it ahead with the nanny who nobody would’ve recognized and could’ve easily got the kid in a car. Except the paparazzi that Kris Jenner called in advance were promised… More »

Would It Kill Kim Kardashian To Show A Little More Cleavage? She’s Not Amish

About a month ago, I wrote a heartfelt post about my daily struggle to not enjoy Kim Kardashian’s huge, fat, giant breasts. It’s a disease I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life, but I take comfort in knowing some days will be better than others. A day like today however? Not… More »

Remember When Nick Cannon Banged Kim Kardashian? You Do Now

“Did that mothafucka just say Nick Cannon?”
Yes, I did.

Because sex lists are all the rage these days, Nick Cannon was asked to name at least five celebrities he’s slept with during a Power 106 interview. And because he has a new album coming out on Tuesday, he actually answered the… More »

George Zimmerman Wants To Fight Kanye West

Last week, George Zimmerman announced that he’d compete in a celebrity boxing event against whatever opponent will pony up the cash for an unnamed charity that George will make a minimal, legally-required 10% donation to so all of this doesn’t look like the scam it really is. Since then, The Game has already thrown his… More »

‘Please, Just Let Me Get In The Car With Kanye West And My Tits And My Baby’

“Guys, please, it’s just my tits and my baby. And superstar artist Kanye West. There’s nothing to see here but my tits. And my baby. And Grammy nominee Kanye West. Just, please, let us put the stroll- Guys. Guys! Seriously. I don’t know why you’re always out here at the exact time I’m walking to… More »

Kim Kardashian Can’t Believe People Think She Waxed North West’s Unibrow

In case you can’t tell we’re only a week out from Christmas, the top story of the moment is whether or not Kim Kardashian did something to North West’s unibrow before posting a picture of her to Instagram. An accusation Kim finds “sick” because she’s usually such an honest and trustworthy individual. Via Twitter:
More »

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