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Father Of Madonna’s Adopted Twins Wants Them Back, Here We Go

The biological father of Madonna’s recently adopted twins claims he was tricked. This seems to be a pattern. More »

Madonna Adopted Twins From Malawi Like She Said She Wouldn’t

So remember when Madonna said she wasn’t adopting a child from Malawi again? She lied and adopted twins. More »

Madonna Wants To Adopt Two More Kids After Women’s March Blow-Up

Madonna is in a buttload of trouble with the government, so why not bring two more kids into the mix? More »

Madonna Is Drunk With Power, But Mostly Wine, Lots of Wine

So Madonna apparently got wasted and rolled around the floor of an art exhibit. More »

Idris Elba Really Wants You To Know He’s Not Fucking Madonna

Idris Elba wants to make sure he’s absolutely crystal here. More »

Madonna Threatens To Blow Anyone Who Votes For Hillary Clinton

Dammit, Madonna, sit down on your Dark Throne of the Dead. More »

Madonna & Sean Penn Aren’t Helping

Madonna and Sean Penn are here to turn the tide of the election, but mostly just make things worse. More »

Bobby Brown Fucked A Ghost

Bobby Brown accidentally bought a haunted mansion with a horny ghost inside. Gotcha check them Zillow reviews. More »

Madonna’s MET Gala Outfit Is Just Like The Civil Rights Movement

You seeing Madonna’s ass hang out of her clothes until she dies is just like black people getting to vote. More »

This Is Some Hunger Games Type Shit: The 2016 MET Gala

Here’s the rest of The 2016 MET Gala. I have no fucking clue. More »

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