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Anastasia Ashley & Logan Fazio Had A Butt-Off

Because it’s been a depressing morning, here are Anastasia Ashley and Logan Fazio “The Pin-Up Paparazzo” having a butt-off in Miami over the weekend. And if that doesn’t brighten your mood, congratulations, you’re already dead and being cremated in the Middle East. I don’t even know how you’re reading this. Do ghosts have Obamaphones? I…

The Superficial / July 21, 2014

The Crap We Missed – Rihanna Getting Drunk in a Bikini

Ok guys, today’s The Crap We Missed is just Rihanna getting hammered in the ocean at home in Barbados. You may view this as a cop out, but I’m taking the rest of the day to finish my own ‘Best Of’ post (You, alright?! I learned it by watching you!) and yes, that means The…

Photo Boy / December 30, 2013

Claudia Romani’s Ass Is Still Phenomenal And
Other News

- Behold! The Royal Birth Certificate complete with ridiculous albeit real occupations. [Lainey Gossip]
– Being a lesbian? That’s so Raven. [Dlisted]
- She’s Got Legs For Days [theCHIVE]
- Ryan Gosling stripping, anyone? [Fishwrapper]
– Wait. That Sharknado shit everyone was talking about was some sort of movie starring Tara Reid? That can’t be…

The Superficial / August 5, 2013