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Laura Vandervoort Wins

So remember earlier when we all arguing about Daisy Fuentes and Gabrielle Anwar? Shut up with your granny porn. Here’s Laura Vandervoort posing for Esquire and Me In My Place’s magical team effort to take pictures of hot, on-the-cusp model/actresses standing around their house in their underwear. Which, fun fact, was Leonardo Da Vinci’s original… More »

Laura Vandervoort might be hot

Here’s Laura Vandervoort of Smallville fame attending the premiere of Into the Blue 2, and yes, I’m only posting these because I’m a dork. But don’t laugh at me or I’ll make Level 7 Paladin love to your girlfriend. Depending on the roll of my 12-sided-die that is. *rolls* A 10! Gonna need a broadsword. More »

Laura Vandervoort’s hotness fueled by Earth’s yellow sun and, okay, the bikini

If you’re like me and have only been laid once in your life (Thank you, Y2K!), you’ll immediately recognize Laura Vandervoort as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville. If you’ve never seen Smallville, soon you’ll recognize Laura as Bikini Girl #2 in the Audrina Patridge vehicle Into the Blue 2: Script? Shit, We Just Put a Bunch ofMore »