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BREAKING: The Hair Above Kylie Jenner’s Implants Is Blonde

Kylie Jenner has a different hair color. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. More »

Dammit, Who Let Kylie Jenner Near Prince’s Closet With Scissors?

Kylie Jenner continues her Prime Directive of making Kim obsolete by doing butt stuff. The future is now. More »

Kylie Jenner Quit Her App Because She Has Ethics? That Can’t Be Right

Kylie Jenner quit her app over editorial integrity? Wha? More »

Kylie Jenner’s Naked Video Is A ‘Gift To The World,’ Okay, Sure

Kylie Jenner made a naked video for the world. Thanks? More »

Kylie Jenner Dressed As Christina Aguilera For Christina Aguilera

Kylie Jenner went to Christina Aguilera’s birthday party dressed like Christina Aguilera. More »

Kylie Jenner Is Trying To Compete With Demi Rose

Kylie Jenner is trying to out-nude Demi Rose. More »

Kylie Jenner Is A Calendar

Kylie Jenner has a 2017 Calendar. Her butt’s in it. More »

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