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Kelly Osbourne Quit ‘Fashion Police’

Kelly Osbourne quit ‘Fashion Police’ over whatever that Zendaya business was. I’m just going to steer the whole post towards butt photos anyway. More »

That’s Kelly Osbourne’s Butt? Shut Up

So remember all those times Kelly Osbourne made fun of Christina Aguilera’s fat ass? Turns out she was entirely justified in doing that because Kelly Osbourne’s butt looks absolutely nothing like you’d expect Kelly Osbourne’s butt to look. I’m don’t see a single bat flapping out of a beanbag chair. There’s no way this is… More »

Kelly Osbourne Got Drunk On That Plane Because Jack Has MS

Kelly Osbourne recently got drunk in a plane and had to be carried off by her assistant and security guard, except there’s a perfectly good explanation for her falling off the wagon that she’s not at all trying to exploit. Who even thinks like that? RadarOnline reports:

“I got drunk on the plane… More »

Miley Cyrus Done Got Fancy And Other News

Posted by Photo Boy

- The 10 Greatest Oscar Travesties Since 1941 because did you hear the Oscars were on last night? [BuzzFeed]

– And the award for Best Pic- oh, who am I trying to kid, here’s Girls With Future Lower Back Problems. [theCHIVE]

– Just how desperate… More »

Kelly Osbourne’s Face Is A Splendor To Behold And Other News

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- Happy MLK Day: 10 Interesting And Surprising Facts You May Not Know About Martin Luther King, Jr. [Bossip]

– The pic of Tom Hanks on a swing set justifies this entire gallery. [theCHIVE]

– As I’ve always claimed, Kid Rock is trying to give… More »

Miley Cyrus ‘Smokes Way Too Much F**kin’ Weed,’ According To Miley Cyrus

While celebrating her 19th birthday last week, Miley Cyrus received a Bob Marley cake from Kelly Osbourne (Apparently they’re friends which tells you all you need to know here.) and thanks to her shitty choice in friends, The Daily obtained a video of Miley reacting to the cake:

“You know you’re a stonerMore »

Kelly Osbourne Still Thinks Christina Aguilera is Fat, Has A Point

Back in August, Kelly Osbourne called Christina Aguilera a “fat cunt” because when you’re sitting next to Joan Rivers, you gotta keep up. Except over two months later, she’s still saying it, but that’s coming from someone who writes about Jessica Simpson looking pregnant every other day. Via Hollywood Life:

“Trust me. I’m… More »

Kelly Osbourne Called Christina Aguilera a Fat C-Word (Churro? I Bet It’s Churro)

Because we’re just playing God now, Kelly Osbourne and Joan Rivers were put in the same room together for an episode of E!’s Fashion Police where apparently their unholy coven turned its attention to Christina Aguilera and, I dunno, tried to necromance her. I hear that’s the thing these days. Us Magazine reports:

More »

Kelly Osbourne Models For Madonna

That was fast.

Just a few weeks after Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon kicked Taylor Momsen to the curb for Kelly Osbourne, they’ve already rolled out the new campaign for Material Girl that looks completely realistic and not-at-all a CGI rendering enhanced by sorcery because that would be ridiculous. It’s not like Madonna’s… More »

Madonna Fired Taylor Momsen For This

After a one-time stint as the face of Madonna and Lourdes Leon’s Material Girl fashion line, Taylor Momsen has already been shit-canned, only to be replaced by Kelly Osbourne, according to Hollywood Life:

After many rumors, they finally confirmed the good news today, announcing Kelly Osbourne as the 2011 face of the brand. More »

Skinny Kelly Osbourne Should Not Exist

You know how in sci-fi movies when science just goes ahead and does something simply because it can only to have it blow up in its face by causing a massive global catastrophe like Godzilla, or for the sake of argument, allowing women to vote?

This is one of those times. Everybody get… More »

Kendra Wilkinson is definitely pregnant and other news

- Kendra Wilkinson poses with her baby bump and does she know we can see her nipples? [Kendra Wilkinson]

- Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy was trying to pick up chicks the day she announced her pregnancy. That kid is going to turn out awesome. [Celebslam]

- John Mayer gives to charity because… More »

Kelly Osbourne back in rehab

On the heels of news she was arrested for assaulting a photographer, Kelly Osbourne has checked herself into rehab, according to People:

Her reps say in a statement to PEOPLE, “Kelly Osbourne has voluntarily entered a medical facility to address some personal issues. Her family stands by and supports her.”
Late Thursday, Osbourne’s mother… More »

Kelly Osbourne propositioned by Axl Rose

Axl Rose reportedly came on strong to Kelly Osbourne at a party. Designer Richie Rich watched the whole thing go down and couldn’t believe the crap coming out of the 46-year-old singer’s mouth, according to OK! Magazine:

“He was really weird with her,” said the Heatherette fashionista at a party for the launch of… More »

Amy Winehouse moves in with Ozzy

Amy Winehouse is out of rehab and has apparently scored herself some new digs – with the Osbournes. I smell a sitcom! Page Six reports:

She’s moving in with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and their daughter, Kelly, in the guesthouse of their estate outside London. The stick-figured “Rehab” singer, just out of rehab herself,… More »

Amy Winehouse and Kelly Osbourne have brunch

Amy Winehouse had Sunday brunch with Kelly Osbourne yesterday. I love how Kelly, whose father is Ozzy Osbourne of all people, still manages to register shock at the sight of Amy. I bet Ozzy will catch a glimpse of Amy Winehouse and, after pissing himself, try to stab her with a wooden stake. “Bloody hell. More »

Kelly Osbourne hopefully received pants for her birthday

Kelly Osbourne celebrated her 23rd birthday Saturday at Maya in Soho. It appears she’s not wearing any pants. Hence why there’re no other pictures of her besides this one. Sure these paparazzi-folk put themselves in harm’s way to get any shot. There is a limit. A large, pale cellulite limit. How this photog’s… More »