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The Jon Hamm Penis We Missed

Jon Hamm’s penis and January Jones went to some thing together, and only those first three words are important. More »

Jon Hamm’s Penis Might Have Killed January Jones In A Tub

Jon Hamm’s Penis Playing Softball

Jon Hamm’s penis loves a good ball game. More »

Nope, No Signs of January Jones Getting Hammboned Here

January Jones is smiling again. THIS IS CHAOS. More »

Oh Yeah, January Jones Is Catching That Hammbone

Someone’s awfully happy. More »

January Jones Is Single Again, I Can’t Imagine Why

January Jones is single all of a sudden, too. What are the odds? More »

Jon Hamm’s Penis Wanted Kids

Jon Hamm’s the one who wanted kids? Holy gender roles, Batman. More »

Jon Hamm Is Officially, 100% Single (For Real This Time)

Jon Hamm’s Penis Might Be Single

Who’s ready to walk bow-legged? More »

Hey, It’s Maybe Jon Hamm’s Penis

Jon Hamm’s penis is on the loose. Seek shelter. More »

Don’t Let Jon Hamm Near Your Balls With A Hammer

Jon Hamm used to be an asshole frat boy. That’s disappointing. More »

Jon Hamm’s Penis Went To Rehab

Apparently having a giant penis doesn’t prevent alcoholism, so great, now I’m screwed. Perfect. Just perfect. More »

Hugh Jackman’s Life Just Peaked

The last sound Jon Hamm heard was a distinct “SNIKT!” He doesn’t recall posing for the picture (They told him it was Hugh Jackman’s birthday. It wasn’t.) or bleeding out all over George Stephanopoulos’ shoes. In fact, he doesn’t remember much of anything on account of he’s dead. “Had his dick been just a tad… More »

Jon Hamm Called Justin Bieber A Shithead

Jon Hamm is the cover interview for the May issue of Men’s Fitness who I’ll just assume has a monthly feature called “Zen And The Art of Letting People See Your Dick.” Less importantly (You read that.), he takes a crack at Justin Bieber for being a stupid little shithead surrounded by yes men. Via… More »

Jon Hamm’s Penis Lost A Dating Show? Impossible

While Photo Boy and I were being intrepid online editors who took Friday off to watch Captain America and eat burritos, a 1996 episode of The Big Date went viral thanks to 25-year-old contestant Jon Hamm who somehow lost despite possessing the mythical hammer Hammbonejnir. Even more ridiculous, TMZ actually told the woman about the… More »

This Is January Jones At 9-Years-Old

Because little boys are easily fooled by candy or people with weird noses who own their own amusement parks, they have no idea why making fun of their classmates’ appearance is stupid because here’s January Jones at nine years old who, iciness aside, grew up to be pretty fucking hot. But that’s not the amazing… More »

That’s Jon Hamm’s Penis In Sweatpants

Just when you thought B-Bare was going to be the biggest swinging dick on the site today, here’s Jon Hamm taking a walk with his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt who apparently likes to let him out of the house in sweatpants from time to time just so you bitches know. Just so you bitches know… and… More »

Jon Hamm Might Be Doctor Strange

Earlier in the week, Variety reported that Marvel wants Johnny Depp to play Doctor Strange which made sense financially considering he’s already owned by Disney, but was horrible news for anyone who doesn’t want to see The Sorcerer Supreme (What’s a vagina?) emote via drunken eyebrows. But now comes word that Jon Hamm might be… More »

Wait, Everyone On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Homophobic? My World Is A Lie!

Guys, you may want to sit down for this, I’ve got some pretty shocking news. You know that reality show Duck Dynasty? The one about the Christian, self-proclaimed rednecks who live in the backwoods of Louisiana and everyone at Walmart goes nuts about? Not a big fan of the gays. Crazy, right? I almost didn’t… More »

Jon Hamm’s Got Your Mighty Hammer Right Here

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got Hammbone.

As hinted yesterday, Photo Boy and I are going on a date this morning to see Thor: The Dark World under the auspice of me writing a review about it. (Haha! I’m not a film critic.) So to tide over the readers who get routinely shafted -… More »

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