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Is That A Painting of Jon Hamm Eating Vagina? Why Yes It Is

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The Jon Hamm Penis We Missed

Jon Hamm’s penis and January Jones went to some thing together, and only those first three words are important. More »

Jon Hamm’s Penis Might Have Killed January Jones In A Tub

Jon Hamm’s Penis Playing Softball

Jon Hamm’s penis loves a good ball game. More »

Nope, No Signs of January Jones Getting Hammboned Here

January Jones is smiling again. THIS IS CHAOS. More »

Oh Yeah, January Jones Is Catching That Hammbone

Someone’s awfully happy. More »

January Jones Is Single Again, I Can’t Imagine Why

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Jon Hamm’s Penis Wanted Kids

Jon Hamm’s the one who wanted kids? Holy gender roles, Batman. More »

Jon Hamm Is Officially, 100% Single (For Real This Time)

Jon Hamm’s Penis Might Be Single

Who’s ready to walk bow-legged? More »

Hey, It’s Maybe Jon Hamm’s Penis

Jon Hamm’s penis is on the loose. Seek shelter. More »

Don’t Let Jon Hamm Near Your Balls With A Hammer

Jon Hamm used to be an asshole frat boy. That’s disappointing. More »

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