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Jack Black as Jesus in ‘Prop 8 – The Musical’

Here’s a bunch of Hollywood actors, including Jack Black as Jesus Christ, in a musical about Proposition 8. I guarantee you this will win people over because there’s nothing folks love more than that blonde chick from Scrubs and the guy from Talladega Nights singing with Doogie Howser. Seriously, with production values… More »

Ben Stiller, Jack Black, P. Diddy dye their pubes (Those words just happened.)

Nancy Jarecki is an entrepreneur who sells dye for “hair down there.” While her product line Betty Beauty is taking off, Nancy needs to learn rule number one in the cutthroat pube dye business: Never out your celebrity clients. Page Six reports:

It’s not just women who are interested in matching the carpet to… More »

MTV Movie Awards: Celebs did a bunch of crap but nothing as cool as Robert Downey Jr. attacking Jack Black’s nutsicles

While attempting to watch the MTV Movie awards last night, I quickly realized, “Hey, I don’t hate myself,” and shut the damn thing off. But but before that, I happened to catch this clip of Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and Ben Stiller trying to make a viral video for their new movie… More »

Angelina Jolie confirms she’s having twins

Angelina Jolie confirmed today that she is definitely sporting double fetuseses. She had no choice in the matter after Jack Black accidentally spilled the beans then sang a goofy song with his guitar. Us Magazine reports:

Jolie confirmed the news that has long been rumored: she and beau Brad Pitt are expecting twins. Her… More »