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Hugh Hefner Gave Girlfriends Quaaludes, Called Them ‘Thigh Openers’

According to Holly Madison’s new book, Hugh Hefner offered her Quaaludes the first time she met him and referred to them as “thigh openers.” Naturally, she moved in three weeks later. … More »

Holly Madison Wanted To Kill Herself While Living In Playboy Mansion

Holly Madison reportedly contemplated suicide while living in the Playboy Mansion which is strange because old men’s penises always sounds like such a dream. More »

Holly Madison & Kate Middleton Are Totes Twins

After the world learned yesterday that her Royal Naked Majesty Kate Middleton was not only pregnant but hospitalized with morning sickness (Something in all my years of covering celebrity pregnancies I’ve never seen happen before or even knew was a thing. Then again I know next to nothing about the female anatomy. Wanna talk about… More »

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Are Engaged. Again.

“I knew you’d fly back to me, Amelia Earhart.”

The last time Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris got engaged, she ditched him five days before the wedding, hocked her ring then went on Howard Stern and told everyone Hugh’s a never-nude that ejaculates at the drop of a wooden nickel. So how you… More »

We Get It, Holly Madison, You Look Great Pregnant In A Bikini (I’m Still Going To Look At You Though)

Here’s Holly Madison continuing to showcase how awesome she looks pregnant (Yoga, ladies. yoga.) because the father of her baby is currently on trial for bribery and embezzlement, so it’s important to let other dudes know she’s totally going to bounce back from this kid business. In fact, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea… More »

Holly Madison Doing Yoga Isn’t Politics

I’ve been going a tad heavy on the politics today, so here’s pregnant Holly Madison in a sports bra doing yoga because it works which has absolutely nothing to do with last night’s debate. Although, she is an unwed mother and according to nine out of 10 governors with women in binders, it’s only a… More »

Pregnant Holly Madison In A Bikini And Other News

- How Blake Lively pulled off getting Ryan Reynolds to marry her and probably knock her up. [Lainey Gossip]

– If it isn’t a given by now, this link is full of hot chicks. [theCHIVE]

- Kristen Stewart says everything with Twilight is going to be “totally fine.” [Dlisted]

More »

Holly Madison’s Adopting A Baby

Because Hugh Hefner might die before he takes a break from banging younger runaways willing to change a diaper for a buffalo nickel, Holly Madison is in the process of adopting a baby, according to In Touch, who’s apparently going to buy all this busy theater actress talk:

Holly faults her trying schedule,… More »

Holly Madison Has Breasts, Beer And Other News Items Of Lesser Importance

“Yes, drink my elixir,” thought Oliver Stone. “Drink ALL of my elixir…”

- Mikey Welsh of Weezer predicted his own death. [HuffPo Celebrity]

- Jared Padalecki knocked his wife up. [Lainey Gossip]

- Justin Theroux’s ex is basically Jennifer Aniston now. [Dlisted]

- AnnaMore »

Holly Madison Insured Her Breasts For $1 Million

In what has to be a shining triumph of the human spirit, Holly Madison has insured her fake breasts for a whopping $1 million through Lloyd’s of London, according to People:

“I’ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not?, because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be… More »

Snooki Threw a Pool Party Again

Despite the fact her last one looked exactly like those pig guards from Jabba’s palace threw a bikini kegger – True Story: George Lucas already added the footage to the Blu-ray editons. “It was my original vision,” he said to a flannel shirt and no one else. – Snooki was somehow invited to host another… More »

Game of Bimbos: A Clash of Gold-Diggers

Crystal Harris was supposed to marry Hugh Hefner on Saturday, yet broke off the wedding earlier in the week to make a quick buck, so of course, she immediately used her new “celebrity” status as Hugh’s runaway bride to help Heidi Montag host a pool party on the day she cost her wedding guests thousands… More »

Hugh Hefner’s Old Prostitutes Bring Him Comfort in His Time of Need

“What do those words say down there? I’m cold and hungry.”

After Crystal Harris dumped Hugh Hefner’s five days before their wedding because he wouldn’t give her a bigger allowance (No, really.), his “Girls Next Door” rushed to his side per the severance agreement they all signed before leaving his employ. Via E!More »

Kendra Wilkinson Wore This

Hope you guys like Halloween posts.

Kicking off the festivities is Kendra Wilkinson hosting a party at Pure in Vegas Saturday night where her costume consisted of giant breasts and.. a jet-pack? Who’s to say? Anyway, I took the liberty of also adding pics of Holly Madison hosting her own, less-popular party because… More »

Holly Madison in a Bikini

Here’s Holly Madison hosting Wet Republic’s 4th of July party over the weekend and I think it’s time we allow this act of patriotism to make up for the fact she dated Criss Angel. I mean, for all we know he hypnotized her and made her shoplift charm necklaces to prove her love which is… More »

Kendra Wilkinson & Holly Madison in Bikinis

Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas on Saturday, and it’s nice to see Kendra return to (partially) serving the purpose Hugh Hefner created her for. Seriously, she’s been practically walking around in a beekeeper outfit these days, and I’m pretty sure Hugh didn’t grow her in… More »

Holly Madison wins St. Patrick’s Day

As a full-time drunk/part-time appreciator of midgets as props, I can safely say Holly Madison has completely captured the very essence of St. Patrick’s Day better than anyone puking into a shamrock hat last night. I’d almost qualify this more by revealing I’m Irish, but truthfully my grandfather was the son of a logging… More »

Holly Madison & Benji Madden? Sure.

Holly Madison, who I’m 98% certain had her breasts pumped up for her birthday, and Benji Madden are reportedly a couple, according to Life & Style:

“[Benji] is just someone I have a crush on…for now!” But earlier that day it looked as if the former Girls Next Door star, 29, and the… More »

Holly Madison turns 30 and other news

- Alexa Ray Joel attempted suicide in case you missed it in between talks of how many women took pictures of Tiger’s penis. [PopEater]

- Chris Brown ironically gets blown by the same ABC who has night terrors about Adam Lambert. [Lainey Gossip]

- Leighton Meester performing at the Kiss FM Jingle… More »

Holly Madison does the Lord’s work

Here’s Holly Madison as the Official Keg Tapper at Hofbrauhaus in Vegas, and I honestly couldn’t think of better pics to post on a Sunday afternoon. This was everything our forefathers wanted when they formed this great nation: Blonde women with plastic tits pouring ale which, fun fact, was the original reasoning behind the… More »

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