Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year!

Alessandra Ambrosio’s butt welcomes you to 2017. More »

Happy New Year!

So, one of two things need to happen here:

1. She stays her in there permanently.
2. We inform the entire Middle East this machine is how the Great Satan derives its power. (Which if they’re reading, is true along with a warm infidel-y center. Allahu Akbar.)

I’m cool either… More »

Lady GaGa’s Vagina Says ‘Adios, 2009!’

Before I leave you staring at Lady GaGa’s vagina until Monday (You’re welcome, by the way.), let’s take a look back at the celebrity moments that defined 2009 and weren’t just naked pictures. Even though those are the real news and I’ll fight to the death anyone who says otherwise.

2009: A BunchMore »