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So Here’s How That Whole Olivier Martinez Destroying Gabriel Aubry’s Face Thing Ended

Despite Oliver Martinez punching his beautiful French Canadian face into a Picasso, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry surprisingly reached a speedy agreement yesterday that will allow Gabriel to still see his daughter Nahla which means Halle Berry is dead. She died. That’s the only way this could’ve happened. RadarOnline reports:

According to sources… More »

Gabriel Aubry’s Face Looks Like This Now

In case you were wondering just how badly Olivier Martinez beat the living shit out of Gabriel Aubry’s face, it was this bad and the reaction you’re looking for is “SACRE BLEU!” And just looking at these photos explains how he was able to obtain a restraining order against Olivier. Also helping is Gabriel’s side… More »

Olivier Martinez Defended Halle Berry’s Breasts’ Honor From Gabriel Aubry’s Face

In case you haven’t heard by now, Halle Berry’s fiance Olivier Martinez beat the living shit out of her ex Gabriel Aubry’s face after the two got into a fight on Thanksgiving morning when Gabriel dropped off Nahla, so right off the bat you know Halle made this all happen by standing on a balcony… More »

Gabriel Aubry is Suing Halle Berry For Child Support And Lawyer’s Fees

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Since Halle Berry wants to move their child to France to punish Gabriel Aubry for slinging racial slurs at her (he didn’t) and assaulting a nanny (he didn’t), he’s now suing her for a tremendous amount in lawyer’s fees and child support. Via TMZ:
Gabriel Aubry is asking… More »

Halle Berry Seems Reasonable

When we last left Halle Berry she was in the middle of making it look like Gabriel Aubry assaulted their nanny so she could strip him of visitation rights which absolutely no one bought including the judge. Since then there’s been a legal circus that’s so far resulted in their daughter Nahla being ordered to… More »

Halle Berry’s Trying To Make Gabriel Aubry Look Like He Beats Their Nanny Now

Before we get started, I should probably correct a previous post that said Olivier Martinez proposed to Halle Berry. Turns out a jeweler made the whole thing up, so just assume the rest of this post is why Olivier’s biding his time in Chocolate Boobie Wonderland before plotting his escape. On that note…

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Halle Berry: ‘Did I Say Racist? Whoops!’

Halle Berry has apparently been talked down and now realizes calling Gabriel Aubry a racist in the press might not have been the most constructive move in their custody battle – or she’s a race-traitor. You can read into this however you like. Via RadarOnline:

“I think Halle started realizing that things were… More »

Halle Berry: ‘My Baby is Black. Black as NIGHT.’

Halle Berry continues to turn her custody battle into a massive race fight with Gabriel Aubry by stating her baby is black in a new magazine interview. Via TMZ:

Halle says in an upcoming interview with EBONY magazine, “I feel she’s Black. I’m Black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the… More »

Gabriel Aubry: ‘You Call My Baby White, Oui, No?’

Continuing with her Gabriel Aubry is a racist theme despite Kim Kardashian already being an assload of evidence, sources close to Halle Berry are claiming Gabriel used to go “nuts” whenever he read reports that called their daughter black, according to TMZ:

Whenever Gabriel would read a story about Nahla that referred to… More »

Kim Kardashian is ‘Extremely Unhappy’ About Halle Berry Custody Fight

Ever since Kim Kardashian was dragged into the Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry custody battle, I’ve been amazed at how long it’s taken her to jump all over an opportunity to wedge her ass into the press. Then again, I always forget focus groups take a while. Anyway, here she is via Chicago Sun-Times:
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Halle Berry Was Mel Gibson All Along

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry is showing no signs of cooling down. Halle’s camp continues to run with their brilliant plan of making Gabriel look like a racist despite, oh I dunno, romantically dating a black woman for years and having a baby with her, but apparently he’s saved voice messages… More »

Halle Berry’s Custody Fight Just Got Real

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have gone from a seemingly amicable break-up to a goddamn bare-knuckle brawl this week after the two reached a heated point in arranging visitation with their daughter Nahla and immediately lawyered up. They’ve now taken to the always productive press fight starting with Halle accusing Gabriel of putting their daughter… More »

Halle Berry Prepares for Huge, Beautiful, Ample, Chocolate Custody Battle

Halle Berry has apparently dropped out of a movie for the sole purpose of whooping Gabriel Aubry’s ass in court over custody of their daughter, according to People:

“Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to… More »

Halle Berry is Spying on Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry recently filed a petition for custody of their daughter Nahla which for the most part was written off as a formality because the couple was handling their visitation schedule amicably. Except that’s boring, so here’s RadarOnline with tales of a paranoid Halle Berry hiring private investigators and demanding Gabriel live… More »

Halle Berry Put Kibosh on Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry

“The one with the big ass? Oh, no, he ain’t…

With word spreading today that Kim Kardashian and Gabriel Aubry called it quits after just two weeks of dating, E! News reports Halle Berry had a hand in their break-up presumably after learning her daughter would be exposed to a walking urinal:
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Kim Kardashian & Gabriel Aubry?

Seen here the exact moment he realized Kim Kardashian tipped off the paparazzi, Gabriel Aubry was spotted at last night’s Lakers game with America’s most opportunistic behemoth-ass who wasted no time this morning arranging anonymous sources to claim they’re dating. Of course, absolutely none of this makes sense because you don’t go from Halle BerryMore »

Halle Berry is single

Gabriel Aubry has reportedly kicked Halle Berry to the curb but at least was decent enough to do it before he stuck his penis in much younger women who aren’t aging before his eyes. And thanks to Tiger Woods and Jesse James, that’s actually remarkably chivalrous. RadarOnline reports:

“Gabriel just felt it wasn’t… More »

Halle Berry makes me want to strangle a mountain ox (Suck it, Megan Fox)

Here’s Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry at the 6th Annual Keep a Child Alive Ball in New York last night, and nothing helps a child stay alive more than knowing a blogger is getting laid by an Oscar-winning actress. No, really, I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s better than taking the little scamps to… More »

Halle Berry’s boyfriend is making me look bad

Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took their baby Nahla on vacation to Miami this week where Gabriel decided to strut his six-pack abs all over the place. So, what? You think you’re better than me because you’re insanely beautiful and bed Halle Berry on a daily basis? Yeah, well, last night I drank… More »

Hayden Panettiere is single

- Hayden Panettiere and Steve Jones are no longer a couple. Turns out he’s a womanizer, and she can not only see through keyholes but fit through them and say “Hey, why are you sleeping with that hooker?” [The Blemish]

- Khloe Kardashian might pose for Playboy. Hey, they’re doing lame no-nudity shoots… More »