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I’m Going To Say Nice Things About Jep Robertson Now

Jep Robertson reveals he was molested as a child, and I actually commend him for his bravery despite disagreeing with everything Duck Dynasty stands for. … More »

Phil Robertson’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Suspension Is Lifted, Praise Capitalist Jesus!

To the surprise of absolutely no one who understands how money works, Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty has been lifted after a grueling eight days where he was forced to endure such hardships as still making millions of dollars and taking time off over Christmas. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he survived. More »

What Duck Dynasty Says About America

Barring one of the Duck Dynasty family members getting caught with a duck caller up their anus, these are my final thoughts on the Phil Robertson fiasco until Friday when I’m sure something else ridiculous will have flown out of this situation that I won’t be able to ignore. I’m not even going to delude… More »

Homophobia And Racism Are Acceptable Because Miley Cyrus, America Has Spoken

I was going to briefly hit on the Duck Dynasty family threatening to quit the show if Phil Robertson isn’t brought back which effectively puts the situation into stasis until after the holidays when no one will give a shit anymore. (Well played again.) But then I had to open up Facebook this morning and… More »

Why ‘Suspending’ Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty Was A Brilliant, Cynical PR Move

If you’ve logged onto Facebook at some point in the past 12 hours, you’ve probably seen a family member or high school classmate going apeshit that Obama cancelled freedom of speech and personally fired Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for his anti-gay comments to GQ. Except what really happened is that A&E “suspended” Phil fromMore »

Wait, Everyone On ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Homophobic? My World Is A Lie!

Guys, you may want to sit down for this, I’ve got some pretty shocking news. You know that reality show Duck Dynasty? The one about the Christian, self-proclaimed rednecks who live in the backwoods of Louisiana and everyone at Walmart goes nuts about? Not a big fan of the gays. Crazy, right? I almost didn’t… More »