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‘Logan’ Has A New Trailer, Who’s Up For Some Adorable Stabbing?

The new trailer for Logan is here, and yup, that’s X-23, alright. More »

Maybe Stop Getting Your Hopes Up For ‘Wonder Woman’

Wonder Woman is apparently Batman V Superman all over again, according to an insider report. So, goddammit. More »

Ben Affleck Is Writing ‘The Batman’ Script, Alright? Jesus

Ben Affleck is working on the script for The Batman that he still might walk away from. Or direct and totally cast Sienna Miller as Catwoman. He has no frickin’ clue. More »

John Travolta Is Hydra, It’s All Over For Us Now

Mark Hamill Is Reading Donald Trump Tweets As The Joker

Mark Hamill is here to show the Internet just how much Donald Trump talks like a goddamn super-villain. More »

Leslie Jones Wants To Do ‘Deadpool 2,’ Make It Happen

Leslie Jones wants to be Deadpool’s new sidekick. Do it. More »

Ben Affleck Might Not Be Fahkin’ Batman No More

Ben Affleck might not direct The Batman, or be in it at all, so everyone watch out for Marvel’s giant boner right now. More »

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