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Christian Bale Wanted To Play Batman Again

Posted by Photo Boy

Before the Internet collectively shat itself over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, there was fleeting hope that Christian Bale was going to return for a Justice League movie until he effectively shot that shit down. But now, to the gnashing teeth of nerds everywhere who already decided to… More »

Here’s Christian Bale Wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit To Audition For ‘Batman Begins’

Above is Christian Bale’s audition tape for Batman Begins that made the Internet rounds over the weekend because not only does it feature future Lois Lane Amy Adams standing in for Katie Holmes, but Christian wearing Val Kilmer’s Batsuit. (As for why he didn’t wear George Clooney’s, I’ll assume the official reason was “too many… More »

Why Hello, ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for American Hustler starring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner. And from what I can tell, it’s another movie where David O. Russell makes Amy Adams look hot as shit only this time Christian Bale plays her ass like a drum. Which is omething Man ofMore »

It’s Time To Let Go of Christian Bale Starring In ‘Justice League’

One of the predominant geek fantasies out there is Christian Bale returning as Batman in the Justice League movie Warner Bros. is dying to slap together so they can start printing out Avengers money. Which probably is a bad idea considering the last two times he played Batman Heath Ledger died and a baby got… More »

A Moment For Amy Adams’ (Maybe) Vagina

I thought we could take a break from the Billboard Music Awards for a second and get back to what this site’s good at: Not knowing what the hell a vagina looks like. So here’s Amy Adams on the set of American Hustle flashing something near the area where I’m told they’re kept. Unless I’m… More »

So Christian Bale Might Be In ‘Justice League’

Until today the conventional wisdom was that Warner Bros.’ lack of confidence in Man of Steel caused them to toss out the script for Justice League and adopt a wait-and-see plan before shamelessly copying The Avengers. Except now Latino Review claims (above) that the radio silence is from locking down a deal with Christopher NolanMore »

Christian Bale Called A Little Boy With Cancer To Talk About Batman

Before we resume our usual celebrity breast gazing and human detritus freak show, here’s 8-year-old Batman fanatic Zach getting a call from Christian Bale who’s apparently on a one-man mission to give apathy all the poundings he didn’t get to do in The Dark Knight Rises because Batman was in it for five, maybe ten… More »

UPDATE: Somebody Stole All The DVDs From Texas Children’s Hospital, Let’s Christian Bale That Shit

“They even took WALL-E?”

UPDATE: So after this story went huge today, Texas Children’s Hospital just released a statement and apparently their whole DVD collection didn’t get wiped out, but they do get stolen, and a lot judging by some of your comments and this news report. So like another first time I… More »

Christian Bale’s Flying Little Kids With Cancer To Disneyland Now

When we last left Christian Bale he quietly slipped into Aurora, Colorado like goddamn Batman and made a surprise visit to victims of The Dark Knight Rises shooting. Now he’s flying little kids with cancer to Disneyland to have lunch with him. Via E! News:

Charlene Barber continued by sharing her family’s experience… More »

Christian Bale’s In Colorado Visiting Shooting Victims, Is Awesome

The Denver Post has confirmed Christian Bale showed up unannounced in Aurora today to visit with victims of last week’s The Dark Knight Rises shooting because fuck if he’s going to let Hellboy be the only badass superhero. Oddly enough, Warner Bros. is actually disavowing any connection with his trip like Christian Bale’s a loose… More »

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