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Chris Brown Used Alton Sterling And Philando Castile To Push His Single

Just… goddammit. More »

Here’s How Chris Brown’s Anger Towards Women Is Going

Two more women accuse Chris Brown of aggressively lashing out at them, but seriously, why can’t we just leave this poor guy alone? More »

Kanye West Made Taylor Swift Revenge Porn, How Was Your Weekend?

Kanye West released a video with a naked wax statue of Taylor Swift lying next to him because that’s not fucked up or anything. More »

Chris Brown Allegedly Beat His Manager

Chris Brown, super changed, you guys. More »

Prince Forgave Chris Brown, So Why Ya’ll Still Be Hatin’?

Chris Brown wants you to know that his fondest memory of Prince was the time he forgave him. More »

Chris Brown’s Changed, You Guys

Chris Brown is in a mood again on Instagram, so get out your pepper spray, ladies. (And probably dudes.) More »

It Was Super Hard For Chris Brown After He Beat Rihanna, You Guys

There’s a documentary about Chris Brown now. Fuck everything. More »

Chris Brown Is Mocking Suicidal Women Now

Chris Brown is actively mocking a girl’s suicide attempt, but it won’t hurt him one bit, because he’s the Donald Trump of shit-bag pop music. More »

Goddammit, Now I Have To Vote For Trump, Sonofabitch

Just… sonofabitch. More »

And Now Time For What Rapey Shit Did Chris Brown Do Today?

Chris Brown should probably never talk about women. Ever. More »

Sometimes Chris Brown’s Mood Is Rape, Good To Know

Chris Brown’s mood yesterday was violently screaming at a woman to take that young dick, according to Chris Brown’s Instagram because Chris Brown is a shitball of a person. More »

Chris Brown Snitches On Scott Disick To Kourtney Kardashian

Chris Brown’s Helping Scott Disick Stay Sober

Chris Brown will help Scott Disick stay sober now, because having a two-year-old babysit an infant is a great idea. More »

Chris Brown Pulled From ‘The Daily Show’ After Staff Protests

Chris Brown was supposed to be on The Daily Show last night, and then suddenly, he wasn’t. More »

Chris Brown Might Be Addicted To Sizzurp

Chris Brown just added sizzurp to the list of awful shit his daughter will one day talk about to a cellmate. More »

Kylie Jenner Got ‘Attacked’ At A Chris Brown Concert

Violence against women at a Chris Brown concert? That can’t be right. More »

Chris Brown Might Have Assaulted Another Woman

A woman brought her phone on Chris Brown’s bus. Guess what happened next? More »

Chris Brown Won Joint Custody Of His Daughter

Half of Chris Brown’s daughter’s future just got fucked. More »

I Hope This Is How Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Gonna Be, Too

Chris Brown and I both want the same thing, and for once, it isn’t Rihanna’s butt. More »

Nobody’s Buying The Lamborghini Chris Brown Ruined

Nobody’s buying Chris Brown’s Lamborghini on eBay because everyone knows girl blood is the hardest to get out. More »

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