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Chris Brown Allegedly Threatened To Kill Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown allegedly threatened to shoot Karrueche Tran because he’s totally changed, you guys. Why is everyone always giving him a hard time? More »

Chris Brown Is Into Stalking Now (RUN, GIRL!)

Chris Brown says he stalks women who dump him but could everyone stop calling him a violent predator? God! More »

Michael Rapaport Called Out Aziz Ansari For Trashing Chris Brown

Michael Rapaport thinks Aziz Ansari attacked Chris Brown because of “political correctness.” I don’t even know where to start. More »

How Has Donald Trump Not Tweeted About Aziz Ansari Yet?

Aziz Ansari called Donald Trump the Chris Brown of politics. Someone should probably check on him. More »

Mike Tyson Made A Song About Chris Brown Fighting Soulja Boy

Mike Tyson made a song about how awesome Chris Brown is, so somebody needs to unplug The Matrix then plug back it in. Or not. I’m cool either way. More »

So Deadpool’s Over. No More Deadpool.

RIP Deadpool 2016 – 2016. More »

The 2016 Maxim Halloween Party

The 2016 Maxim Halloween Party happened. There were boobs. More »

Chris Brown Was Told He Couldn’t Be On ‘Power’ Before Arrest

Chris Brown didn’t get what he wanted and flew off the handle like an asshole? Get out. More »

Baylee Curran Is The Woman Chris Brown Allegedly Waved A Gun At

Baylee Curran is the “ugly bitch” that got Chris Brown arrested. More »

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