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Bridget Marquardt’s Complete Costume Line And Other News

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– The Twilight wedding is almost here! *Squee!, gush* [TooFab]

– Looks like Mel Gibson is headed to the movies today. [Drive]

- Jaime Bell knows the way to a woman’s heart is through clitoral stimulation. [Dlisted]

- Christian Bale will bring the… More »

Hugh Hefner’s Old Prostitutes Bring Him Comfort in His Time of Need

“What do those words say down there? I’m cold and hungry.”

After Crystal Harris dumped Hugh Hefner’s five days before their wedding because he wouldn’t give her a bigger allowance (No, really.), his “Girls Next Door” rushed to his side per the severance agreement they all signed before leaving his employ. Via E!More »

Bridget Marquardt in a Bikini

Keeping with today’s theme of following every single post with a bikini gallery because there’s jackcrap going on – E! just ran a story wondering if Prince William is ever going to join Twitter. I rest my case. – here’s Bridget Marquardt posing for a photo shoot in LA today because she’s the only GirlMore »

Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Shower

Former Hugh Hefner prisoner Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt threw a surprise baby shower for Kendra Wilkinson last night because that’s what you do after fondling old man balls together. And this thing had everything! Retardedly huge prego boobs, Holly Madison eating a pickle and, of course, Grandpa Death. Does he want a handjob,… More »

Heidi & Spencer: America’s Punching Bag

- Heidi and Spencer shill themselves out in front of a green screen. Internet exploitation occurs. [Videogum]

- Robert Pattinson’s early made-for-TV movie days. Now I see how he was so prepared for Twilight. ZING! — I’ll be avoiding the Young Adult section of Borders from here on out. [ICYDK]

- Bridget MarquardtMore »

Bridget Marquardt understands quality television

Here’s Bridget Marquardt filming her travel show Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. I watched an episode the other night, and at this time, I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the citizens of Alaska for all the commotion. And, also, to Mt. Redoubt for taking the blame. Next one’s on me.

Photos: Splash NewsMore »

Bridget Marquardt in a bikini

Here’s former Hugh Hefner arm-candy/Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt filming her new reality show Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on the Gold Coast in Australia. She’s with a legendary group of young women known as the Meter Maids who prevent parking tickets while wearing bikinis. I don’t even know where to begin with how right everything I… More »

Kendra Wilkinson and the other ‘Girls’ exodus explained

If you thought the recent Wall Street crash was bad (How ’bout that Dow today?), talk to Hugh Hefner: It’s costing him pussy. The recent credit crunch has forced the Playboy founder to reduce staff which fully, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt because they’re prostitutes explains why Kendra Wilkinson (above), Holly Madison and… More »

Bridget Marquardt kicks Hugh Hefner in the old man nuts

Hugh Hefner really must be rocking the Depends because Bridget Marquart, the last faithful Girl Next Door, is bailing on him, Page Six reports:

Word comes that Marquardt also has a man on the side. Our tipster says, “Bridget’s been getting quite close with Nick Carpenter, Marisa Tomei’s ex-boyfriend. He directed her in a… More »

Hugh Hefner wants spinoffs for all the Girls Next Door

Kendra Wilkinson is moving out of the Playboy Mansion and starring in her own reality show. (FYI, Holly Madison did not leave the Mansion for Criss Angel. His people are believed to be behind the rumor because he’s a douche.) But Hugh Hefner tells E! Online that the other girls may be getting spinoffs too:
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