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Muhammad Ali Died And Left The World A Prince Story

In which Muhammad Ali fought the Vietnam War and Superman then did magic tricks with Prince. More »

Check Out All These Fancy Bitches Eating Dinner With The President

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner was last night. Here are all the famous people that went there because Obama watches their TV shows. More »

Sarah Palin Literally Blamed Obama For Her Son Punching A Woman

Track Palin punched his girlfriend in the face, and somehow that’s Obama’s fault in Sarah Palin’s moose-addled mind. More »

Meet Your New Pal George Zimmerman, Obama Tear Truther Cockfaces

Did you think Obama’s tears were fake during his gun control speech? Congratulations, you’re just like George Zimmerman. Have fun looking in the mirror. More »

George Zimmerman Retweeted Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body By Accident

George Zimmerman is a good Christian who would never retweet a dead body. Make one, but never retweet it. More »

Kanye West Isn’t Allowed To Talk At The DNC

The general public’s been told that Kanye got put on a leash. What could possibly happen next? More »

Bristol Palin Chimed In On Ahmed Mohamed

Bristol Palin reacted well to President Obama inviting Ahmed Mohamed to the White House. Gotcha! No, she was a real asshole about it. More »

George Zimmerman Has Some Thoughts On The Virginia Shooting

George Zimmerman will bring subtle nuance to a grave tragedy now. Just kidding! He’s here to tweet racist Republican talking points. More »

Obama Just Called Bill Cosby A Rapist

Barack Obama called Bill Cosby a rapist. EVERYBODY OUT OF THE INTERNET! GO GO GO! More »

What The Hell Is The White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Where journalists get to rub elbows with celebrities and politicians while the country rips itself apart around them. More »

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