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Aww, Who’s The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Art Museum?

It’s you, Bam Margera. It’s you.

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Of Course Bam Margera Tattooed Ryan Dunn’s Face Above His Armpit

Posted without commentary because a.) what more needs to be said here and b.) now I have to explicitly write in my will that none of my friends should tattoo my face above their goddamn pits. (Mons pubis? Only if you give me an eye patch.)

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Police: Ryan Dunn’s B.A.C. Was .196, Over Twice Legal Limit

That was fast. TMZ reports:

West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll told the Daily Local News … Dunn’s B.A.C. was .196 … nearly two-and-a-half times the legal limit in Pennsylvania, which is .08. Carroll added, “No other substances were found in his blood other than the alcohol.”

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Bam Margera Brought a News Team to Ryan Dunn’s Crash Site

Here’s what we know today about Ryan Dunn’s death:

1. Police have now determined his Porsche was traveling approximately 130 mph after an accident reconstruction team examined the crash site.
2. The “three beers and three shots” story along with Ryan looking “fine” before he left is the bar’s official talking pointMore »

Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

Here’s what we know about Ryan Dunn’s death:

1. He was drinking. Heavily.
2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car.
3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road.
4. He has a history of… More »

Bam Margera Caught Cheating on His Wife With a 17-Year-Old has gotten a hold of several recent photos of Bam Margera in a Calgary hotel room with a 17-year-old girl who’s not his wife. While some people might suggest the story here is that he’s clearly been caught having an affair, I think we should look at the more pressing issue of how right… More »

Kat Von D and Bam Margera had weird sex

Kat Von D and a married Bam Margera were spotted “canoodling” at Trousdale Wednesday night and the two have gone into overdrive denying anything was going on:

So annoyed! Contrary to silly rumors, Bam Margera and I are NOT dating. I’m currently in a relationship w Nikki. Hope that clears things up.
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UPDATE: Bam Margera might have OD’d

Anyone remember Bam Margera? Well, I’m going to post about him anyway. TMZ reports he was taken to the hospital yesterday after a 911 call regarding a possible overdose. Damn, that’s a shame. It’s always a sad to a bright, talented young person get sidelined by drug addic- wait. Isn’t this the guy who… More »