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Balloon Boy’s mom admits it was a hoax

In an affidavit released Friday, it’s been revealed that Balloon Boy’s mom Mayumi had informed the police the entire fiasco was planned two weeks in advance and was, as everyone suspected, a publicity stunt to land a reality show deal. This information is what allowed to authorities to obtain a search warrant for… More »

Balloon Boy’s parents are in some shit

Falcon Heene, now known as Balloon Boy until the day he dies, might be getting a new mommy and daddy. His parents Richard and Mayumi Heene are facing charges of conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and false reporting to authorities after the Sheriff’s department raided their home last night to determine… More »

Hang on, Balloon Boy! Miranda Kerr’s coming!

You’re a little late, Miranda. so I’m going to have to stare at your ass now. Balloon Boy would’ve wanted it that way may he rest in peace – at the neighbor’s house playing Xbox. You can come out now, dude. We’ve all watched your YouTube video and it’s pretty obvious your dad’s not… More »