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Everybody F*cking Hates Farrah

‘Teen Mom OG’ is apparently all about how much everyone hates Farrah Abraham. You watch ‘Real Housewives,’ so don’t pretend you’re above this. More »

MTV Drops Farrah Abraham From ‘Teen Mom’ For Being A ‘Bad Example’

Snooki is a drunken little shit-midget pickle-vacuum who’s not even potty-trained. Amber Portwood is a suicidal drug addict who’s been in and out jail for beating the shit out of her baby’s daddy presumably because he has a goddamn tail. And Jenelle Evans is so out of control she almost got Teen Mom cancelled, yet… More »

Teen Mom Amber Can’t Live Without This

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood reportedly attempted suicide Tuesday morning, and now details are coming in that she did it because she thought Gary Shirley was cheating. The same Gary Shirley pictured above with a butt tail and pulling McDonald’s out of his car, so basically everything a woman dreams for. Plus butt tail. RadarOnlineMore »

Teen Mom Amber Attempted Suicide

“Ha! Isn’t my life wonderful? Fat man who knocked me up, put these Walmart bags in the Grand Am, won’t you?”

Because shoving pregnant teenage mothers from dysfunctional backgrounds into the limelight is always a great idea with absolutely zero potential for horrific backfire, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood allegedly attempted suicide this… More »

Gary Shirley is Too Fat For Handcuffs

“Girl, I’mma make love to you until a baby comes out.. did we finish those chili fries?”

Seen here drunkenly celebrating Amber Portwood’s 21st birthday, Gary Shirley was arrested yesterday for driving with a suspended license after police could hear Amber screaming at him from outside of his car which I’m assuming had… More »

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Turned 21

And I’ve officially overloaded this day with too much sexy.

Here’s Teen Mom star Amber Portwood celebrating her 21st birthday with Gary Shirley at “Jimbo’s Bar” in Indiana because if there’s one thing this show was missing, it’s fetal alcohol syndrome. I’m actually not joking, this is probably just the angle MTV was… More »

The Teen Moms Have Great Ideas

Posted by Photo Boy

The Teen Moms are in front of the camera again, only this time, instead of cashing in on their poor life decisions and personal tragedies they’re joining forces to give kids a great alternative to unprotected sex: CUDDLING! I hate to be to one to break this news especially… More »

‘Teen Mom’ Amber and The Fat Dude With a Tail Are Getting Married

Presumably to pitch their own reality show considering just last week she was pregnant with a baby that literally anybody could’ve been the father of, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley were spotted shopping for a “promise ring” over the weekend at Kay Jewelers. Of course, the whole thing would’ve looked less staged if Gary didn’t… More »

Hey, Look, I Committed a War Crime!

Since its Friday, we decided to go ahead and shoot you in the eyes since you have all weekend to recover, so here’s Gary Shirley, baby daddy to Amber Portwood and basically the perfect specimen of masculine perfection. Because what better use for sudden wealth than low-rise jeans, graphic tees and a Dodge Avenger? It’s… More »

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Has Nude Photos Now

Because God has truly forsaken us, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood sold nude photos of herself which sounds highly unusual for someone who puts on make-up first thing in the morning and smiles directly at the paparazzi for exclusive photos. Trust me, I know. RadarOnline reports:

The controversial Teen Mom star posed for… More »

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