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Adrienne Bailon Has Very Tight Pants…

Bailon was one of the Cheetah Girls, but now she’s more of a camel lady. ZINNGGGG!  More »

Adrienne Bailon Tried To Save Karrueche Tran From Chris Brown

Posted by Photo Boy

Chris Brown has been violently lashing out at women ever since he violently lashed out at Rihanna, almost killing her in the process. Yet here we are, five years later, somehow still shocked at his toddler-in-a-cereal-aisle meltdowns whenever someone asks his girlfriend “Are you sure getting into that club… More »

Kim Kardashian To Adrienne Bailon: ‘Shut Up About My Fat Brother I Don’t Care About’

Kim Kardashian hasn’t spoken to Rob since her wedding where he wouldn’t stop being fat for her pictures and left instead. It was a simple request! Anyway, his ex Adrienne Bailon is now in the business of trashing their time together on account of him cheating on her constantly and his family tainting her career. More »

Adrienne Bailon: ‘Britney Spears Can’t Hold A Conversation’

There’s a lot of money to be made in pretending Britney Spears is just your normal celebrity who went through a rough patch and never once getting into the fact the has to be borderline, if not legally, retarded for her dad to have a conservatorship over her. (Case in point: Amanda Bynes turned into… More »

Kim Kardashian has to be used to this

Kim Kardashian posted some pics from Sundance on her website, and scope out the dude with the beer. I take back everything I just said. I want this guy, nay, hero to be president. He’s got it figured out.

Photo: Kim KardashianMore »

Adrienne Bailon’s ‘nude’ photos hit the Internet

Adrienne Bailon of Disney’s The Cheetah Girls recently had her laptop stolen which contained “nude” photos intended for her boyfriend Robert Kardashian. She reportedly recovered it within hours of its theft at JFK airport, but this story has all kinds of holes in it. Apparently, Adrienne paid a $1,000 ransom to get the laptop back,… More »