Surprise! Lindsay Lohan Just Got Away With Doing Whatever The Hell She Wanted To Again

May 2nd, 2013 // 38 Comments
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Ever since Lindsay Lohan ditched her real lawyer for that late night commerical DUI guy, her case about lying to the cops and subsequent plea deal has turned into the same kind of joke as every other time she’s been in court. Today is the deadline for her rehab check-in, which was supposed to occur — as was agreed upon by both her laywer and the prosecution — at Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, NY. But to the surprise of absolutely no one, Lindsay changed her mind at the last second and went somewhere else. I wasted half an hour of my life watching her lawyer in court defending the last minute change where, I shit you not, he used the phrases “much to my chagrin,” and “ensconced in the bosom of that facility right now.” The judge ultimately ruled that the prosecution now has a week to check out the new rehab while Lindsay gets to stay there until this shit gets sorted out, so just assume the check-in process went exactly like this.

REHAB NURSE: I’m going to search your personal belongings for contraband now.
LINDSAY: Wait, did you just put cocaine into my suitcase?
REHAB NURSE: *winks* Mr. Sheen says, “See you at eight.”

UPDATE: The rehab Lindsay entered had multiple facilities shut down by The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs just last year. Of course.

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  1. Edod

    Shittiest court system ever. I can’t wait to go to LA lie to police officers about a crime and then site precedence.

  2. I’m glad. I know it’s harsh, but the only way I am not going to have to see this annoying fucking famewhore ever again is if we let her keep self-destructing herself to the grave.

    • JC

      Let’s get real, even the grim reaper will give her a pass:

      Death: It’s your time, Lindsay.
      LL: No it isn’t!
      Death: Oh, you lovable little scamp. (ruffles her hair with scythe) 20 more years, but then that’s it, O.K.? Now go for a drive and rustle up some dead babies for me.

    • anonymous

      It’s surpising that she hasn’t done anything illegal in a while. You’d know because LL hasn’t shown tits in 6+ months.

      That’s her get out of jail free card: Get in trouble- show tits- no more trouble.

  3. grobpilot

    Surprise. *yawn*

  4. The only thing i can think of is that she’s doling out BJ’s to EVERY judge in America on the off chance she winds up in his courtroom.
    And it’s working

    • I wonder if that is a required course in law school nowadays…or maybe just an elective on the off chance that you don’t like oral sex, in which case you’re going to be dead before you pass the bar anyway.

  5. The facility doesn’t even have a license! Say what you will about her, but sometimes she really comes across as a diabolical ginger genius.

  6. mike

    seriously disbar this stupid judge someone call the state attorney general of CA and then have congress stipulate that you must serve 50% of your time at least, and cant get out after 10% of the time due to overcrowding. what a crap state.

  7. People shouldn’t get so worked up over this skank getting away with everything. She could drive her car into a family of six, killing every one of them at 100 MPH with a BAC of .26% and the judge would smile, wag his finger at her, and tell her not to do it again and just be careful next time.

  8. Lindsay Lohan Violates Plea Deal Rehab Court
    Commented on this photo:

    She got a great ass!!!!

  9. BSName

    It only appears that she keeps getting away with shit. She is not. She is out of control and can not stop herself. She will probably die from one of her own irresponsible actions if someone doesn’t stop her. When a judge just lets her skate they are doing her a disservice because it only increases the possibility of her death coming sooner.

  10. Never seen a state legal system get whipsawed around before , or at least to this extent.Maybe Lindsay can get her special exemptions for other crimes too.
    after all, She’s one of God’s special people, not subject to the rules “little people ” have to observe .
    The mystery is , she doesn’t really have money , so what does the court / legal system use in lieu of hard cash?

  11. Lindsay Lohan Violates Plea Deal Rehab Court
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    sad pathetic Lindsay

  12. EricLr

    From the article:
    “The lawsuits, state report, and a journal kept by a patient fill out a picture of a facility that prescribed some patients up to a dozen sedatives, anti-anxiety pills, and other medications at a time while providing little counseling or psychological treatment.”

    Yep, sounds exactly like the kind of place Linds would pick for her “rehab.” They’ll keep her nice and doped up on prescription meds during her stay and she won’t even have to listen to any of that annoying “you’re going to kill yourself if you keep doing this” crap.

  13. elephantman

    Hey Doc can you make my lips even bigger?!

  14. JP

    Lindsay Lohan (or her parents). Kim Kardashian (or her parents/sisters). Paris Hilton. Whatever. meh….

  15. I stopped expecting her to get any comeuppance for her crimes a long time ago and if you still do, then you’re a fool. Call me if she shows some tits or makes a fool of herself in public. Legal shit? Fruitless endeavor.

  16. cc

    The final piece of my armored car robbery scheme falls into place. Do it in California.

  17. Lindsay Lohan Violates Plea Deal Rehab Court
    DoubleD Chins
    Commented on this photo:

    AHH!what is wrong with her Face?

  18. joe

    Dead at 27 I call it now.

  19. oh you so silly lilo

    hahahaha, she wanted seafield because everyone in NY knows that and LICR you can throw dope over the fence / get it delivered. silly girl pick somewhere with less of a rep next time…or NON 12 step so you actually learn something different ! (SHOCKING)

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