Surprise! Lindsay Lohan Just Got Away With Doing Whatever The Hell She Wanted To Again

Posted by Photo Boy

Ever since Lindsay Lohan ditched her real lawyer for that late night commerical DUI guy, her case about lying to the cops and subsequent plea deal has turned into the same kind of joke as every other time she’s been in court. Today is the deadline for her rehab check-in, which was supposed to occur — as was agreed upon by both her laywer and the prosecution — at Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, NY. But to the surprise of absolutely no one, Lindsay changed her mind at the last second and went somewhere else. I wasted half an hour of my life watching her lawyer in court defending the last minute change where, I shit you not, he used the phrases “much to my chagrin,” and “ensconced in the bosom of that facility right now.” The judge ultimately ruled that the prosecution now has a week to check out the new rehab while Lindsay gets to stay there until this shit gets sorted out, so just assume the check-in process went exactly like this.

REHAB NURSE: I’m going to search your personal belongings for contraband now.
LINDSAY: Wait, did you just put cocaine into my suitcase?
REHAB NURSE: *winks* Mr. Sheen says, “See you at eight.”

UPDATE: The rehab Lindsay entered had multiple facilities shut down by The California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs just last year. Of course.

Photo: INF, Splash News